The Midnight Plays An Incredible Show at The National in Richmond

The Midnight embarked on a massive two part tour over the past several months. The first leg took them all across the west coast late last year, while this latest leg brought The Midnight and all of their synth glory to the east coast. This night in particular was a brisk evening in Richmond, Virginia and once you entered the venue you could feel everyone warming up with excitement for the upcoming show!

Starting off the night right with their openers, Nightly, they were the perfect compliment to The Midnight’s sound and you could see people in the crowd immediately take to them. Vibing along to the music, people loved ‘Feels Just Like A Movie’, and were very excited to get a sneak peak of Nightly’s yet-to-be-released single, ‘Hate My Favorite Band’.

It was time for The Midnight to hit the stage! Starting off strong with ‘Neon Medusa’, you could feel the energy rising off the crowd as people sang along to every single word! And every time their saxophonist would leap out into the middle of the stage, the crowd would go absolutely wild! The Midnight had such incredible energy and stage presence, it made for a very electric performance.

Before performing crowd favorite song, ‘Comeback Kid’, lead singer Tyler Lyle spoke about how this song has taken on a new meaning since the pandemic, and has become a song lots of people out there needed. And that certainly resonated with the crowd, because people were singing along so loudly, they nearly drowned out the band! And when performing ‘Los Angeles’, the band all came out from behind the instruments and sang along to the final chorus with the whole crowd, everyone raising their hands in the air.

As The Midnight left the stage for the encore, the audience took up chants to encourage the band back onstage, and The Midnight closed out the incredible show with ‘Good In Red’ and ‘Sunset’, which had everyone in the venue jumping around and singing along!

Check out our photo gallery from the concert down below:

Be sure to check out The Midnight’s latest single ‘Change Your Heart or Die‘ and Nightly’s latest single ‘hate my favorite band‘!

Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Twitter | Instagram | Website)

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