All the Thrills and Surprises at Sick New World Festival 2024

Sick New World was without a doubt an incredible experience for a multitude of reasons — read more in our previous article here. Not only were we graced with gorgeous weather, delicious food and a stellar artist lineup — but, there were a ton of unexpected moments and surprise guests!

  • A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel performed “Stars” with a surprise appearance from Rizz of VOWWS.
Photo: Nikki Phillips

  • BABYMETAL accompanied Bring Me The Horizon for their collaborative track “KINGSLAYER” for the second time ever.
Photo: Nikki Phillips

  • Poppy joined Knocked Loose to debut their live performance of “Suffocate.”
Photo: Justin Agoncillo

  • Poppy also came out with Bad Omens to sing their joint single, “V.A.N”
Photo: Chelsa Christensen

  • Will Ramos from Lorna Shore jumped in the crowd to have a good time and watch other bands.
Photo: Nikki Phillips

  • Fat Mike from NOFX was also spotted in the crowd.
  • Robin Finch (Nine Inch Nails) accompanied Danny Elfman in his live band.
  • Primus played with brand new instruments complete with the tags attached after their gear was stuck in a snowstorm while coming down from Red Rocks. The band auctioned the instruments off after the show for charity.
Photo: Nikki Phillips
  • Slipknot‘s new drummer, Eloy Casagrande, made his first festival debut.

  • Wednesday 13 dedicated their set to the late Joey Jordison.

Photo: Xandro Shoots

  • Shavo’s (System of a Down) son came onstage to hug him during their set after being overwhelmed with pride and love watching his dad perform onstage.
Photo: Nikki Phillips

  • BABYMETAL were spotted getting lost to the wonder of Danny Elfman from soundboard.

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips [ Instagram | Website ]

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