Photos | Review: MAX Treats DC To A Fantastic Show!

It’s been a while since DC has been able to see MAX live and in person, and it was about time this city got treated to one of his shows again! MAX stopped by on his ‘Live In Colour’ tour last week, and with such high energy and excitement coming from not only the acts onstage, but also the people in the audience, this concert was definitely one everyone would remember!

Starting off the night strong with Lauren Sanderson as the opener, she took to the stage and immediately got everyone loosened up and dancing all around! They were very interactive with the crowd, singing to them, holding their hands, and even sang happy birthday to a couple fans in the audience! Lauren performed crowd favorites such as “Queen Bee” and “Girl From The Internet”, which had people singing along with her as she jumped across the stage.

It was almost time for MAX to come out onstage, and when the stage crew unveiled the giant light-up Rubik’s cube, the crowd went wild with excitement! Standing atop the giant Rubik’s cube, he started off the set with “Colour Vision”, the title track off his latest album. Going straight into his hit song “Love Me Less”, the audience was bopping along and singing the words even louder than MAX. MAX is easily one of the most energetic performers you’ll see live, he was running all over the stage, jumping and dancing along to the music, easily getting the crowd up off the feet with him. And when he hit those high notes? You’ve never heard a crowd cheer louder!

He brought up friend and TikTok star, Andy Park, onstage to perform BTS’ SUGA’s verse during “Blueberry Eyes”, and as Andy rapped in Korean he and MAX jumped around the stage arm in arm. Dedicating the next couple songs to any OG fans out in the audience, MAX performed “Basement Party” and “10 Victoria’s Secret Models”, and you’d think everyone in the crowd has been here since day one with how loud people were singing along! Nearing the end of his set, MAX performed his hit “Lights Down Low”, with phone lights up and couples swaying together, this was easily a top song of the night.

With such an unforgettable night filled with great music and amazing performers behind us, I’m sure everyone that was there that night is still bopping along to Lauren and MAX’s music back at home.

Check out our photo gallery down below!

Be sure to check out MAX’s latest single “Butterflies” and Lauren Sanderson’s latest single “Everyone’s Pretentious and I’m Bored

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Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Twitter | Instagram | Website)

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