Jesse McCartney Stuns Us In Houston On The ‘All’s Well Tour’

Jesse McCartney, Photo By Brittaney Penney
Image Source: Brittaney Penney

It was a Monday night in Houston at the House of Blues when Jesse McCartney came through on his All’s Well Tour. The fans came out in droves for this sold-out night on the main stage and I just knew this would be an incredible show. The set list was filled with nostalgic hits and songs from his newest album, New Stage, and EP, All’s Well.

Not only did I get to hear my favorite song, “Body Language,” but we also got so many beautiful medleys of music that Jesse released almost 20 years ago. Still cannot believe I have been a fan for that long. It seems like it was just yesterday that we heard “Beautiful Soul.”

One very special part of Jesse’s set is when he got to play his version of “Bleeding Love,” which is a song that he wrote and was given to Leona Lewis back in 2007. Jesse takes this time in his set to slow down and talk about how special this song is to him and then takes a seat at the piano to make the crowd feel as if he was about to play a ballad. He then turns the table on us and the drums and guitar kick in about midway through the song to really make the crowd feel the lyrics that Jesse wrote and is finally getting to perform for himself.

As someone who has been a massive fan of Jesse and had his poster on my wall as a teen, these tours that he curates is so special. We get to take a journey through his musical career and really understand just how far he has come in his writing and vocal ability. If you have the chance to see him live, I urge you to buy the ticket, especially if you have been a fan of his for a long time! You’ll get to hear these beautiful songs live, but also be in a crowd with people who know exactly how you are feeling in that moment. It is incredibly special and something we won’t forget.

Check out the photos from the show below!

Post and photos by Brittaney Penney

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