Photos | Review: Daughtry, Tremonti, & Lyell Electrify Silver Spring!

Who: The Dearly Beloved Tour: Daughtry, Tremonti, Lyell

Where: The Fillmore Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Maryland

When: March 3, 2022

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.” Presumably, Prince knew that line would resonate with the world for years to come… but then 2020 came! Daughtry and his cohorts Tremonti and Lyell on The Dearly Beloved Tour did far more than help the audience “get through” in Silver Spring, however. They brought the entire room to life with the spark of fresh hard rock!


First up, Lyell and her duo of bandmates started the night with a contagious groove. Without delay, the singer bounced across the stage to the beat as she showcased her raw vocal prowess! From the top of the set to the bottom, Lyell demonstrated her buzzing personality with every note and move. Playing an even mix of yet-unreleased originals, pulse-peaking singles like “I’m Somebody Else” and “Eraser,” and a creeping, moody cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” the young rocker showed Silver Spring a bright future for alt-rock.


Straightaway, the metal-tinged rock quartet lead by their namesake, Mark Tremonti, took The Fillmore’s stage and ripped it to shreds (musically!). The Grammy-winning guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge took the mic and an arsenal of his custom-designed PRS guitars to task, with his voice soaring high to match the lightning-quick energy of his hands on his fretboards and strings.

Over the eight-song set, rhythm guitarist Eric Friedman, bassist Tanner Keegan, and drummer Ryan Bennett kept the electrical supply of the venue in-check with their pace and their fury! Fittingly, their set left the crowd breathless from the sheer speed with blazingly-fast riffs during “My Last Mistake” and “Another Heart.” Tremonti himself also led a marathon with the title track of their latest album, “Marching in Time,” showing the value in using melody and metal together to create an epic musical journey. No one left Silver Spring that night questioning the might of Tremonti with his solo band’s thunderous performance!


Without delay, Daughtry took the opportunity to incorporate Prince speaking the legendary lyrics of the tour’s title as the band’s intro. The members gradually took the stage as the song “Desperation” called for each of their instruments, setting up the night’s most powerful set! Wasting no time, frontman Chris Daughtry immediately traded his guitar for a megaphone for the rage-releasing “World on Fire.

As more songs from the band’s latest album dominated the setlist, any pre-conceived notions of the former American Idol contestant’s sound fell to the wayside. This version of Daughtry was dangerous, hard-hitting, and untamed. Chris, lead guitarist Josh Steely, rhythm guitarist Brian Craddock, keyboardist Elvio Fernandes, and drummer Brandon Maclin were united in every aspect, even barring the sudden exit of original bassist Josh Paul this January. As a result, the audience was treated to the signature groove of Live’s Pat Dahlheimer on the bass for this leg of the tour!

The solo acoustic mini-set in the middle of the show by Chris was the pinnacle. The singer asked for the stage lights to go down and the crowd’s cell phone flashlights to go ON! Suddenly, the room was lit completely by flashlights for the entirety of “Home,” trading the electricity in the air from the earlier songs for the intimacy of everyone’s voices joining Chris and his guitar.

The night quickly resumed the earlier electric energy! In a flash, standout tracks like “The Victim” and “Asylum” got even the achiest of feet moving. The frontman made use of every inch of the stage, while pouring raw passion from his soul straight into his mic. All in all, a renewed, revitalized, and reborn Daughtry stole the show and stole the hearts of Silver Spring!

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Post by Elizabeth Owens

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