Getting to know Surviving the Era

Surviving the Era - Promo

CC: Who is Surviving the Era? Can you give a quick history on how you guys came to be?

KC: Surviving the Era was formed in late 2014. Ryan Sollom (lead vocals) had been jamming with Kyle Newton (guitar), and Ryan met Kevin Cortez (guitar) and Seth Borges (bass, backup vocals, keys) via Craigslist. The band went on to play many shows in their first year, but eventually had to part ways with their former drummer. Surviving the Era found Jake Cooley (drums), and he helped solidify the band.

CC: What artists and individuals in your own life inspire you and your music and sound?

KC: I can only speak for myself, but some artists that really inspired me were Green Day, Anberlin, and Foo Fighters. When I’m writing guitar parts for songs, I tend to take influence from those artists.

CC: Can you talk about making the EP Parallax? How long did it take to make?

KC: We had the songs ready to record for a long time before entering the studio. Tracking the EP took eight hour days for two weeks. It was a pleasure working with Dryw Owens of Little Russia Studios. He made our EP huge, and we are stoked about it.

Surviving the Era - Parallax

CC: What are you hoping to accomplish with the release of this EP?

KC: We hope to get our EP out to as many people as possible, play more shows in cities outside of our home turf, and make new friends and fans along our way.

CC: How do you feel when playing live for an audience?

KC: Playing live for an audience is what fuels our fire to be musicians. We thrive on the energy the crowd gives us. It’s addicting. Playing live is always like a dream come true, no matter the size of the crowd. We have fun on stage, and we are always thrilled to see the audience enjoy our songs and jump along with us. It’s great!

CC: What artists would you like to tour with and, or play a show with in the future? Realistically and unrealistically?

KC: We would love to play with Anberlin (hoping for that reunion tour!), Saosin, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Thrice, and Circa Survive. All of those bands are fantastic, and we would be thrilled to share the stage with them.

CC: Describe Surviving the Era in 4 words.

KC: Energetic, wild, fun, passionate.

CC: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anything reading this interview?

KC: We’d like to thank you all for reading this and getting to know us better! We hope to see at a show soon!

All questions answered by guitarist Kevin Cortez.


Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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