Concert Review: Eisley rocks House of Blues Anaheim


There is seriously nothing better than getting to see a really amazing band in a small room. I’ve been in this scenario before at shows and those shows are always the most memorable. On Wednesday, I saw Eisley play in The Parish Room at the newly re-opened House of Blues in Anaheim with Brian Marquis and Civilian opening.

In February, Eisley released their sixth album Im Only Dreaming which was produced by Will Yip. This album was different than previous album by the band because lead singer Sherri DuPree-Bemis took on the responsibility of being the lead singer. In the past she had her sisters to help her out, but this time it was all up to her. If you haven’t checked out this album or haven’t listened to the band then you should do that immediately.

As far as concerts go this one was amazing. The evening was filled with 19 songs with at least one song from every album. Seeing as they played songs from every album the band filled the hearts of old school Eisley fans and newer fans.

The show started with the band members walking on stage one-by-one to background music. Oh yeah and there were bubbles, which makes everything cooler in my opinion. The first song to be played was “Louder than a Lion”, from the new album. This one normally features Anthony Green singing a verse but the band pulled it off really well without him.

The most memorable moment from this show was when the song “Smarter” was played. The Valley is my favorite Eisley album of all time and “Smarter” is my favorite song from that release. As you can imagine, hearing it played live was a great experience. Sherri may seem like a normal lady with colorful hair but she has a powerful voice which was put to good use during this song.

Later on in the band’s set they played “Millstone”. This song is from the album Currents which was released in 2013 and it’s a lot more stripped back than many of their other songs. You could really hear Sherri’s voice and the feeling behind it with this song.

I could tell that the band was really enjoying their time on stage. Bassist Garron DuPree was shaking his head around and his long hair was flopping with it. Sherri was moving her arms around when she sang and rocking out on her Rickenbocker guitar. Drummer Remington DuPree, backup vocalist/guitarist Elle Pucket and the keyboardist Jed Lachmann were all having a good time jamming along and enjoying themselves.

As the band closed out the show with the song “Ambulance” the crowd sang along. Eisley is a band that deserves more recognition for their talent, if you have the opportunity to see them live don’t miss it.

  1. Louder than a Lion
  2. Smarter
  3. Sad
  4. Millstone
  5. Memories
  6. Drink The Water
  7. I could be There for You
  8. Shelter
  9. Song for the Birds
  10. Many Funerals
  11. You are Mine
  12. Lost at Sea
  13. Defeatist
  14. I wasn’t Prepared
  15. The Night Comes
  16. Invasion
  17. If You’re Wondering
  18. Telescope Eyes
  19. Ambulance

Post by Madeline Cronin

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