Album Review: Return For Refund – “Lift You Up”

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Toronto based rock band Return For Refund just released a new EP titled Lift You Up. The EP gives fans six new songs to check out. There’s a few different styles of music throughout.

“Don’t You Say” begins with a really solid sounding guitar part and then it calms down a little as the singing begins. Lyrically, the song talks about not wanting to be told you’re wrong, which I think most people can relate too. The track is complete with an epic guitar solo that all rock songs should have. Musically, there’s the rock sound which is evident by the guitar solo, but there’s also hints of a more blues sound.

Proving that the band can play in many different styles, “Nothing Left” slows it down. A smooth guitar solo starts off the song and becomes a main focal point throughout. This song is the second longest one of the EP and it changes tempos throughout, starting slowly and getting faster and then back to slow.

Following “Nothing Left” is “Stay Awake”. This song has some really cool vocals because the lead singer sings higher on some of the words he sings. The way he sings in this song reminds me of Eddie Vedder. The beginning starts with a main guitar part and then subtle solo going on in the background. Lyrically, there was a line that stuck out to me and that was “You gotta stand like stone and never fall”. Essentially, it sounds like it’s about staying strong despite what may be happening to you.

The last song on the EP is “My Gun”. Unlike the previously heard songs this one starts off with a drum part, sounding like they are just being hit slightly on the rims. Along with that there’s a guitar and what sounds like a violin. Because the instruments are not as loud, the vocals can be heard really well. As with the previous songs, a killer guitar solo is added in.

If you like rock music with hints of blues added to it then you should give this EP a listen. Each of the songs have the same overall sound but have new elements added to them and don’t forget about the guitar solos in each track!

  1. Don’t You Say
  2. Lift You Up
  3. Nothing Left
  4. Stay Awake
  5. What Were Their Names
  6. My Gun

Post by Madeline Cronin

What are your thoughts on Lift You Up? Comment below.

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