City and Colour Pulls on LA’s Heart Strings With a Sold Out Show

Dallas Green plays a sold out show at The Wiltern on Sept. 7th. Photo: Nikki Phillips

The Wiltern in Los Angeles recently played host to an unforgettable, sold out performance by City and Colour. It was a night of musical magic and emotional connection that left the audience both uplifted and even a little melancholy at the same time.

The calm and spiritual atmosphere in the venue was undeniably familiar as fans of all ages gathered to support City and Colour. The crowd has always shared a special bond that began over a decade ago — united by their admiration for frontman Dallas Green and his band. Lighting and production for the performance was tailored perfectly and added flair to the overall experience. As the band played, the lighting shifted seamlessly, creating a captivating ambiance that enhanced the emotional depth of every song.

City and Colour’s setlist drew from various albums with the majority stemming from The Love Still Held Me Near and a handful from Little Hell. Dallas Green’s soulful and emotive vocals were nothing short of charming, and his acoustic guitar work was a testament to his forte. Their performance was characterized by a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that made the audience feel at home. City and Colour’s material is undeniably relatable — being at a show feels like you’re sharing a personal moment, but with thousands of others simultaneously.

It was a night where the power of music linked people from across the years to celebrate their favorite artist and bask in the presence of being with friends and family. Check out some photos from the show below and let us know your favorite City and Colour song in the comments!

City and Colour – September 7, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips [ Website | Instagram ]

Did you attend this tour? Comment below or drop a line and let us know your favorite City and Colour track!




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