Album Review: Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – “Modern Ruin”

If you had asked me last week who Frank Carter was, I would have told you I had no idea, but as I listened to my copy of Modern Ruin through my home stereo I quickly realized this was no small group looking to emerge into the hardcore punk scene. These in fact, were seasoned veterans. Frank Carter being a frontman of high prominence lead the charge for many years with Gallows and his own personal side project, Pure Love.

Modern Ruin is the full length sophomore album for this group. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes continued where they left off from their first album, Blossom, pursuing the same raw energy, yet having a completely different focus and meaning. The album begins with “Bluebelle”, showing a softer side to the alternative punk group. This was the first song Carter ever wrote on his own.

The album quickly ramps up with emotion as we dive into the second track “Lullaby”. Its easy to see Carter’s passion put on full display for our listening ears. This gives first time listeners a sense of what the Rattlesnakes are all about.

The album switches gears six tracks in with “Acid Veins”. without losing the edge culminated in the first five tracks, the robust vocal presence begins to tell a personal, reflective story. In an interview, Carter speaks out about his place emotionally during a live performance, with acid in his veins, and lightening in his soul. The words translate his passion to performing on stage.

My favourite track on this album would have to be “God is My Friend”. In an interview, Carter explores challenging questions that encase all our minds at one point in time or another, one being “what is my meaning?”  The inspiration for the song came from a documentary about bridge jumpers. A plagued mind filled with wrongful thoughts brings perspective to the importance of self worth, challenging the belief of a higher power, or what some would refer to as ‘God’. A life precariously balances on the edge of value, between worth and worthless.

In what was almost the last track of the album, Modern Ruin lives up to the namesake of hardcore punk. As the title track of the album, Carter’s Vocals become seemingly more aggressive and desperate at the same time. We see an emphasis placed on the track, giving forward the idea that this is “the end of the world”.

Finally, the album concludes with “Neon Rust”. Carter wrote this song for his daughter. He feared that a rapidly growing and changing world would take a turn for the worst. As corruption becomes more prevalent in our society, Carter issues a warning to his “sweet golden rose”. With hope in his heart, his wish is that his daughter will grow up in a more prosperous time and that things will take a turn for the “good”. The fading words of the final track are spoken: “you don’t belong in a wasteland”.

  1. Bluebelle
  2. Lullaby
  3. Snake Eyes
  4. Vampires
  5. Wild Flowers
  6. Acid Veins
  7. God is My Friend
  8. Jackals
  9. Thunder
  10. Real Life
  11. Modern Ruin
  12. Neon Rust

Post by Mike Thomas

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