Weatherstate Releasing Sophomore Album, Never Better

UK punk band Weatherstate releasing new album

Weymouth England’s Weatherstate is slated to release their sophomore album Never Better on February 11th, 2022 via Rude Records.  This is a follow-up to their 2019 debut album Born A Cynic. The band, comprised of Harry Hoskins (guitar and vocals), Callan Milward (guitar), Joe Hogan (bass), and Toby Wrobel (drums) previously released the singles “Hanger“, “Current Dose“, “Never Getting Better“, “Panic Attack” and “Headstone” leading up to the album’s release.

Very few recent albums haven’t been influenced in some way by Covid-19. Pandemics are not new to the city of Weymouth with it being the entry port for the Black Death plague that decimated England in the 14th century. Jump ahead 800 years and the current pandemic is carving its way through society causing musical artists to adapt to impediments that have arisen. Never Better by Weatherstate is no exception with it being produced under less than optimal conditions.

UK punk band Weatherstate releasing new album

The band enlisted Four Year Strong’s Alan Day who remotely produced songs appearing on the album. “I feel Alan really taught us a lot about how to approach a song and see the potential in having an open mind on songwriting,” enthuses Callan about the process and connection. “We really wanted to level up and evolve as a band. He’s a super talented dude and has great vision in the potential of new music.”

It goes without saying but doing everything remotely has been a massive challenge and an interesting obstacle to overcome,” continues Callan. “Especially for us, as we have been pretty traditionalist when it comes to writing. I feel we handled it in the best way we could, considering the international side of things too. With pre-production, we had to have some late nights because of the time-zone differences. Neil Kennedy at The Ranch really nailed the engineering and Alan smashed the mix over in the States. All I can say is that you can work miracles over Zoom these days.

UK punk band Weatherstate releasing new album

Never Better seems appropriate for the Covid culture. If there is one genre that is suited to the frustration and anger of the times its punk. Weatherstate whines their way with attitude through song after song in typical punk fashion. The band shared: “Never Better stems from a place of monotony, helplessness, and apathy at the state of the world around us. The record reaches out to different feelings that many of us have experienced over the last few years, from a state of mind that is pessimistic when faced with the question, will things ever improve? Lyrically this album touches on personal grief, abusive & toxic relationships, losing touch with the things that you once loved growing, and overall acceptance that it is what it is, and you sometimes have to buckle up and move forward to keep yourself sane.”

Those that enjoy nasally, whiny vocals à la Tom Delonge of Blink-182 and Roger Lima from Less Than Jake will definitely dig this album. For more information or to pre-order Never Better visit:

For More Info on Weatherstate:

Never Better Tracklisting:
1. Low
2. Hangar
3. Normality
4. Panic Attack
5. Here In My Hell
6. Pity Lines
7. Down
8. Current Dose
9. Headstone
10. Never Getting Better
11. Dead Space

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