The Pretty Reckless Bring the Thunder to The Wiltern in Los Angeles

Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless performs at The Wiltern on Sept 9th, 2022 (Photo: Nikki Phillips)

The Pretty Reckless stopped in Los Angeles on their second-to-last date of the band’s Death By Rock and Roll Tour — and brought a storm, literally. It wasn’t just the powerful performance energy that was rumbling the venue, but Los Angeles had its first light thunderstorm for the first time in months, closing out a 10-day heatwave of 100+ degrees. Fans made it inside just in time as the rain came down, ready to rock.

Opening the show was guitar extraordinaire Aryon Jones. With a heavy, in-your-face sound, we were headbanging through the entire set. Take a listen to his most recent single, “Filthy,” by clicking here. The Pretty Reckless kicked off their show around 9:25, unleashing a 14-song setlist on a room full of anticipated fans. Starting off the night with “Death By Rock and Roll,” lead vocalist Taylor Momsen conquered the stage from the moment she stepped out. The setlist included a balanced variety of songs mostly from albums Death By Rock and Roll, Light Me Up and Going To Hell. Fan favorites like “Make Me Wanna Die” and extended versions of “Going To Hell” and “Heaven Knows” had us feeling sky high. We cannot get enough of the band’s entrancing yet badass aura. Witnessing Momsen perform with such grit and attitude was so empowering, especially to all the women in the room. Momsen’s talent oozes effortlessly along with the stage chemistry between her bandmates, creating a seamless performance that flows ever so naturally.

Fans can get more of The Pretty Reckless this fall when their new album, Other Worlds, drops November 4th. It will contain remixes of past songs, as well as covers and other “reimaginings” as stated by the band. You can catch The Pretty Reckless at two upcoming festivals: Louder Than Life and Aftershock. We look forward to the next time we are able to attend another show with The Pretty Reckless. Check out our photo gallery below to see some amazing highlights from the night — and for additional bonus photos, swing by our social media!

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Photos and article by Nikki Phillips

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