The Ghost Inside, Every Time I Die Pomona show review

The Violent Gentleman Tour recently started and features co-headliners The Ghost Inside and Every Time I Die.  Support is from Architects, Hundredth and Backtrack.

The tour stopped by the Glass House in Pomona on Saturday, with an added show to Sunday when this one show sold out.

The Ghost Inside played last this evening.  Each of their songs could have been sung almost word-for-word by the fans.  With his aggressive, but crystal clear, vocals, Jonathan Vigil one of the most distinctive and recognizable lead singers in melodic hardcore, simply with his voice.

Fans jumped on top of each other and gave everything they could to close out the evening with the band.  The band even played a few new songs off their new album, released on Monday, “Dear Youth.”

Vigil said that he never thought that the band would ever make it to four albums, but here they are.  Every time the band is in their local Southern California he always talks about playing at Aladdin Jr’s, only at the end of the street to a handful of fans.

The band played for an hour that seemed to fly by, but sent fans home happy and excited for the next time the band comes around.

Every Time I Die played fourth and the antics ensued.  The crowd was at the pinnacle of craziness for these Buffalo natives.  Moshers and crowd-surfers were at the pinnacle for the evening.  Lead singer Keith Buckley even said only a few songs into the band’s set that it was already the best show of the tour.

The band managed to fit an array of songs into their one hour set, spanning their last six albums, including their latest, “From Parts Unknown.”  Fans loved it and sang to all songs, new and old.  The set was so wild that guitarist Jordan Buckley, who was also celebrating his birthday, vomited while on stage.  A fan even lost a couple of teeth during their set.

Architects are no rookie to the Glass House.  The last show they played was an unbelievable set, co-headlining with Letlive a few months prior.  No matter what these UK rockers play, fans will sing along, take over vocal duties and go insane while doing it.  The band’s set was so good, they could have probably headlined the show with their Glass House brethren.

Hundredth’s set seemed to go by very quick and was a little dull.  They played seven songs and for each lead singer Chadwick Johnson sung on the barricade in front of fans.  This took the spotlight away from the rest of the band and put it solely on him.  He should be playing each song mostly with his band to show them all off equally.

Backtrack played first to a small audience, but showed their fortitude to the rest of the bands with a stellar set that included lead singer James Vitalo jumping towards the crowd and even had many of them jumping toward him to sing in the microphone.

The tour also featured one of the best tour posters of the year.  It featured each of the co-headliners National Hockey League’s home team. The Ghost Inside’s native Los Angeles Kings and Every Time I Die’s native Buffalo Sabres staring each other down, each holding a sword in hand.

All photos by Corey Kleinsasser.

The Ghost Inside

  1. Avalanche
  2. Unspoken
  3. The Great Unknown
  4. Between the Lines
  5. Faith or Forgiveness
  6. Dark Horse
  7. Out of Control
  8. This is what I Know About Sacrifice
  9. Outlive
  10. Thirty Three
  11. White Light
  12. Dear Youth (Day 52)
  13. Engine 45
Every Time I Die

  1. Thirst
  2. Decayin’ with the Boys
  3. Ebolarama
  4. The Great Secret
  5. Underwater Bimbos from Outer Space
  6. If there is Room to Move, Things Move
  7. Bored Stiff
  8. El Dorado
  9. Romeo a Go-Go
  10. The New Black
  11. Floater
  12. Typical Miracle
  13. Roman Holiday
  14. The Marvelous Slut
  15. We’rewolf
  16. No Son of Mine
  17. Idiot
  18. Moor

  1. Gravedigger
  2. C.A.N.C.E.R.
  3. Naysayer
  4. The Devil is Near
  5. Dead Man Talking
  6. Broken Cross
  7. These Colours don’t Run

  1. Remain & Sustain
  2. Free Mind/Open Spirit
  3. Shelter
  4. Live Today
  5. Demons
  6. Weathered Town
  7. Soul

Have you or are you attending a date on this tour?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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