Review: Rebel Rock Taco Metal Party

September 23 – 26 was intended to be a big week for rock music in Orlando.  People from all over the country converged on the Central Florida Fairgrounds for the inaugural Rebel Rock music festival. After being delayed for a year due to Covid-19, the festival was all set to go.  However, as the saying goes the best laid plans.  Right from the start issues began arising with several bands dropping out due to Covid-19 and other concerns. Limp Bizkit, Incubus, Volbeat, Non-point, and All That Remains cancelled their appearances. Ultimately though it was the weather that sunk the festival. Rain from the previous week left the fairgrounds in poor condition. The first day of the festival billed as the Taco Metal Party was able to proceed on two stages but the last three days of the festival had to be cancelled due to unsafe ground conditions around the Main Stage.

I made my 8-hour trek to Orlando and was able to catch the last few acts of the Taco Metal Party before learning the rest of the weekend was cancelled. Consequently, my sample size for the festival was relatively small.   Eleven bands performed throughout the day and night on the Fire Lake and That stages. The grounds were still soggy and muddy even in this area of the fairgrounds.  The fans didn’t seem to mind though because what is a rock festival without some mud and water.

Rebel Rock Taco Metal Party









Jose Mangin from SiriusXM was the host for the day.  He was enthusiastic in his introductions of the bands.  I don’t have attendance figures, but it didn’t appear to be a huge crowd.  However, attendance for the weekend was expected to be much bigger with three-day general admission tickets sold out. Erra, Kyng, Slaves, and P.O.D. were the only bands I was able to catch. Each put on great shows, but it was P.O.D. that brought down the house. Lead singer Sonny Sandoval bounced around the stage with mic in hand belting out the band’s hits. Unfortunately this would be the last festival performance.

Rebel Rock was canceled for the second year in a row, however there are plans to hold the festival in 2022.  Until that time here are some photos of this years abbreviated event.





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