Pop-Rock Band Flight Attendant Live Q & A at The Moroccan Lounge

Flight Attendant

Nashville’s pop-rock band Flight Attendant cruised through the West Coast and made a stop at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles, California. The band gathered together outside in the back lot of the venue for a special interview with Concert Crap to discuss their newly released single, “Therapy Couch,” leading the way for women in rock and plans for a future European tour.

Concert Crap: We’re excited to have you talk with us tonight! Let’s get the party started. Tell us more about Flight Attendant.

Flight Attendant: Flight Attendant is based in Nashville, we’ve been a band for about three years and we released our first album in September. Like you said, it’s pop, rock and indie. We have two synths and viola. Viola is really our secret sauce and of course, we have our bass and amazing guitar. It’s a fun project where we all songwrite together and I really enjoy being in a band. We’re a band and it’s a whole family. 

CC: You’ve been compared to music legends in the industry like No Doubt, Fleetwood Mac and Warpaint. When I first heard you guys, I said Metric if they were a part of the eighties. Women who paved the way in rock and roll. How do you feel about that?

FA: They’re big shoes (chuckles). It’s such a compliment! When you get comparisons to other bands are great because they help people understand you like if they’ve never heard of your band. It’s a good way of getting people into like “this is what you’re in for,” so it’s a good way of finding fans but it is also intimidating because those are actually our idols. They’re huge and amazing and to compare them to us is like, I feel like we’re really in our own lane but it is always extremely flattering to be compared to these bands and a helpful tool for new fans. I hope for our comparisons to get weirder and more niche. It’s nice because Flight Attendant has been described as a sonic unicorn before as if it doesn’t exist so I really like that we are leaning into something really new and I hope we can keep doing that.

CC: What persuaded you to make music in the rock genre?

FA: We all like rock. We all grew up gravitating towards rock in some way. We all have a pretty mass interest in music. Personally, my favorite is rock and growing up with Aerosmith but since then I got into Cage the Elephant or Puddle of Mudd.

I got a Foo Fighters tattoo, it’s Saint Cecilia, these guys I grew up with.

Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant and I’ve seen and love the old school stuff like Rush.

I love Trent Renzor’s production. Trent’s creativity, I love that synthy, dark, sexy vibe.

CC: Oh yes, his portfolio expands from “Spiral” to Soul.

FA: He did Spyro? Spryo? Like the dragon? (laughs)

CC: I mean The Downward Spiral. I haven’t played video games since Mortal Kombat on the first Playstation. (laughs)

CC: Let’s talk about “Therapy Couch,” which is released on June 23rd. Where did the inspiration for the title come from and what’s the story behind it? 

FA: The hook of it is that we all have been working together, the lyrics were sorta changing and then the day before we went to the studio, I had a freak out on my now ex. Yell about a bunch of stuff and that led to the breakup. I was like, wow I should have saved that explosion of emotion for a therapist on a therapy couch and not my partner on a living room couch. So, this song is about a shitty living room for a therapy couch. The lyrics are about being more mentally mature and fucking put together or whatever. Not that we are in any way, and the song itself,  we got together and did it. It was one of those easy ones, we had a small idea, we went into the studio and was completely done by the end of three hours. We also work with a new producer, his name is Andres Flemming and he is so easy to work with. His production style and method is just very good. Quick and keep the vibes in the room moving forward and any ideas is a good idea. We try and he quick to keep things moving, it’s really nice. 

This is the most pop we’ve ever sounded since we’ve had this new producer that’s able to add things and also, I have a Juno now which is “the synth.” I didn’t have it on the last album, the Juno-X is a big part of all our music now. 

CC: Yeah, I heard some of your other songs and they sounded more on the indie side. 

FW: Yeah the first album was pretty much all of bones, we cut live and live chatted. It was nice to kind of sit down, analyze parts and track them out, better do our part to compliment each other. I think that’s more fun for me on the creative side, just putting the puzzle together. 

That album was recorded over the course of two years because of 2020. After playing a ton of shows and learning new stuff, this song has a new influence to it while still having a good rock feel towards the end of it. 

CC: How long are you going to be on the West Coast for? 

FA: Eleven days, our next stop is the San Francisco area at the Ivoy Room with Typoe and Loser Soup, which are indie bay bands. It’s going to be good and I’m excited. 

CC: How are you feeling right now? Are you excited about the show tonight? 

FA: Tonight’s show, we’re stoked and already went through three outfit changes. (laughs) 

CC: Anything that you would like to share with our viewers? 

FA: We really hope to have with this new producer and these new instruments, a full new EP by the fall and we are in the middle of planning on moving out some of it. A month and a half of an European tour, like thirty days in Germany, fucking Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Netherlands. That’s going to be super awesome so we’re really excited about that. But this is our first time on the west coast and we’re excited for people to just discover us. You know, we’re so new and I’m blessed to be this far from our hometown to be playing a show at all. And you would come and do an interview for us, that’s cool! I feel we are incredibly blessed beyond belief that we tour and play music. I’m excited and happy to be doing it. 

CC: Well, we’re excited and thank you. Thank you for chatting with us again and taking your time before the show. 

FA: No problem! 

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Post by Christine Rios

Assistant Photography by Christopher Schultz

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