Pop Punk Band Point of View Teams up With Tony Lovato of MEST on New Single “Another Sleepless Night”

Pop punk band Point of View

Early 2000s pop-punk fans, listen up! A new band and single is here to rock your ears. I talked with Anthony Burns, (lead singer/guitarist) of Point of View as well as Tony Lovato (lead singer/guitarist) of MEST about their new single, “Another Sleepless Night” that recently dropped June 20th.

I was fortunate enough to listen to “Another Sleepless Night” before the official release as well as a few rough cuts through the song’s progression. The song is a rather cookie cutter to the traditional pop-punk sound we all have grown to love over the years. The instrumentals and vocals bring back loads of nostalgia that awakens memories of bands many of us grew up on as teenagers. Don’t get me wrong – this is an absolute compliment. Today’s pop-punk has morphed into a different sound, for the most part. Modern influences like Machine Gun Kelly have taken the genre to an alternate place, while artists like Travis Barker have meshed old-fashioned pop-punk with emerging artists such as Kenny Hoopla. Fans of Green Day, MxPx, The Ataris, and of course MEST, will immediately resonate with this upbeat, power-chord-driven track by Point of View.

Concert Crap: For those who haven’t heard of Point of View, can you tell us a little about the band?

Point of View: The band officially started in 2000 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with multiple members who’ve come and gone. I’m the longest-running member. My cousin Nick is the drummer, Chad is the guitarist and Devin is the bassist. We love playing music and our goal is pretty simple – to just have a good time.

CC: What inspired “Another Sleepless Night?”

POV: I basically try to write every song from a place that’s real in hopes that the people listening can relate to it somehow. This one is about someone meeting someone they can’t have and not being able to do anything about it. Hence the chorus: “Run away with me, break the rules with me…” It also can relate to most teenage relationships in middle school or high school… like, if you have strict parents and you aren’t allowed to date or whatever the reason may be.

CC: How did you end up getting Tony Lovato (MEST) on the track?

POV: I wrote the song and sent it to Tony. He liked it enough to sing on it and then offered his advice on what he liked – and didn’t like – and I adjusted it from there. His advice definitely helped out and made the song better 100%. In this day and age, the recording technology and process is just crazy. It’s awesome that Tony was able to be part of the process, especially since he lives in California. 

CC: I know we both are big MEST fans so this collaboration is extra special. When did you know you wanted Tony on this song in particular?

POV: I gave Tony about five songs we were working on at the time. He picked this one to sing on. His style of vocals fit the song great and helped it come alive for sure. We’re extremely grateful.

CC: Who are your other dream artists you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

POV: Green Day for sure. Simple Plan, New Found Glory, MxPx, Sum 41… you know, all of the big pop-punk bands I grew up on. Honestly, the list for me is endless. We got Tony, someone I’ve been listening to for 20 years – to sing on a song we wrote. That means more to me than getting a record deal, so at this point, I’m pretty happy.

CC: Do you have any plans for the Point of View post-Covid?

POV: I have about twenty songs I’m working on right now. When they’re finished, I’ll present them to the band and take it from there. We’re trying to figure out if we want to put out singles every few months (which seems like a lot of artists do now) or if we wanna drop an album. I’m old school, so there’s nothing like getting your hands on a new album and diving in.

CC: Tony, what was it like recording a song from 3,000 miles across the country?

MEST: Honestly, it’s pretty standard these days to do recordings separately, especially when doing a cameo. Technology has definitely changed the way things are done.

CC: There was amazing fan reception from your recent live stream concert (via Veeps) honoring Destination Unknown. What can we expect from MEST in the future?

MEST: Right now, we are just adjusting and getting ready for the world to open back up. We definitely want to tour as soon as possible considering we put out a brand new record two months before the world shut down. There is a possibility we will be re-releasing older albums on vinyl sometime this year. We also plan on releasing a new EP hopefully by the end of the summer. The EP will consist of a few new songs as well as some acoustic tracks from Masquerade and a re-release of “These Streets” featuring ModSun

The song also features Blake Hill, an old friend of Anthony’s – who he met on MySpace decades ago – and reconnected more recently after losing touch. There is a lot of personal pop punk history layered between the track, which contributes to the authenticity and sound. “Another Sleepless Night” is available now on all streaming platforms.

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