Poe The Passenger Electrifies the Sunset Strip With Latest Show

Jeff Pridgen of Poe The Passenger engages an energetic crowd on Friday night. Photo by Nikki Phillips.

Poe The Passenger played an incredible show at The Whisky A Go Go on Friday, October 9th. Last month, we featured the band and their newest single “Gone” and told you last month not to sleep on them — Further proof below that we were so right.

Combine high energy in an iconic venue with a supportive crowd and you get the perfect setup for a good ol’ fashioned Sunset Strip rock show. They played a 45 minute set keeping the crowd energized from start to finish. The band’s dedicated fans (Poe Fam) and local friends also packed the room to show support. Their energy can best be described as nostalgic early 2000’s pop punk meets mid-late 2000’s alternative rock with a dash of the new “emo trap” alternative. We are confident Poe The Passenger has a long road ahead of them with a bright future in store.

Photo by Nikki Phillips

The guys exude enthusiasm both on and off the stage. Watching them play live, you would assume they’ve been on countless rounds of Warped Tour and toured the country, over and over again. Though the band is fairly new to the scene, you’d never know it seeing them play live. These guys just click — consistent crowd interaction, stage movement and an overall synchronous performance is the icing on the cake. Check out the gallery below for some photographs from the show.

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