Photos | Review: Emery at the Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola, Florida


Who: The Weak’s End 15th Anniversary Tour, Emery, Hawthorne Heights, Bad Luck, The Vagrants

Where: Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, Florida

When: January 21, 2020

Emery has maintained a steady lineup since their formation in 2001 with Toby Morrell on lead vocals, Devin Sheldon on vocals and bass, Josh Head on screaming vocals and keyboards, and Matt Carter on guitar. Dave Powell was added on drums in 2005. Emery’s sound cannot be classified into a single musical category. It spans multiple genres from Post-Hardcore to Emo to Hard Rock to Alternative Rock. However, regardless of the genre, there exists a constant Christian influence on their music and lyrics. Their albums have achieved simultaneous success on the US Rock and Alternative charts, as well as the US Christian chart. Two albums, In Shallow Seas We Sail and You Were Never Alone, reached number one on the Christian charts while also breaking into the top 20 on the Rock and Alternative charts.

January is the time of year when Snowbirds from the North make the trek south to Pensacola, Florida, escaping the cold and snow, to enjoy the warm weather and beaches. Emery was in town on January 21st for a performance at the Vinyl Music Hall as part of their co-headlining 15th Anniversary tour with Hawthorne Heights celebrating the release of their albums, The Weak’s End and The Silence in Black and White. On this night, however, the gods of the north were trying to extend their domain, bringing 30-degree temperatures to the area.

The opening bands were up and coming locals the Vagrants, along with Bad Luck, and Hawthorne Heights. Each band did a fantastic job of setting the tone for the crowd. When Emery took the stage, they were met with a warm reception by a capacity crowd, taking away the chill of the night. They opened with the slower tempo “The Ponytail Parades” from the album The Weak’s End. The song began with Morrell on vocals with Shelton joining in later in the song. Towards the end Head added some screamo vocals. The crowd was into it from the start shouting along with the band.

They picked up the tempo on their next song, ”Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes”. The song started with a screaming guitar intro by Carter. Head bounded all over the stage with his screaming vocals, swinging his mic in the air. The night continued with the band performing songs from The Weak’s End, The Question, I’m Only A Man, In Shallow Seas We Sail, and Eve. The band closed with “Walls” from The Weak’s End. At one point during the show Morrell commented that the “all the band really wants to do is make music as long you guys will listen to it”. From the reaction of the crowd, the band will be making music for a long time to come.


The Ponytail parades
Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes
The Note Form Which a Chord is Built
In Shallow Seas We Sail
Can’t Stop The Killer
Dear Death Pt 1
Dear Death Pt 2
So Cold I Could See My Breath
As Your Voice Fades
Listening to Freddie Mercury
The Secret
Studying Politics

Post, Interviews, and photos by Scott Raymer (Website | Instagram | Facebook)

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