Photos / Review: Attila Brings Rage Fest to Los Angeles



Georgia-based metalcore band, Attila is best known for their energetic shows and die-hard fan base. The band’s recent show at The Fonda Theater was no exception to this testament. Southern California based bands, Suicide Silence and Volumes made this packed show all the more epic.

Attila Does Not Hold Back On Stage

Attila is best known for “in your face lyrics” that do not shy away from controversial topics that would make most people uncomfortable and this blunt form of speech was ever present in their live performance.

Although the band is one of the edgiest and vulgar bands around, that does not mean there was an absence of love and community.

A fan jumped from the crowd to the stage to give Attila frontman Chris Fronzak a hug. Although this took many by surprise, Fronzak embraced the fan with opened arms and told everyone in attendance that anyone who is a fan of Attila is “part of the family.”

Support Included LA Natives Volumes and Suicide Silence

Support for this tour included two Southern California based bands, Suicide Silence and Volumes. Fans showed hometown support for both bands as they brought the noise for Rage Fest.

Volumes have been making strides in the scene with their hip-hop oriented version of metalcore.

Suicide Silence has left their mark in music history as being one of the pioneers of deathcore in the 2000s’. The band is now leaning toward an alt-metal sound with vocalist Eddie Hermida.

Rage Fest Rocks Hollywood

The Fonda Theater was one of the final stops on the Rage Fest tour. With ear-splitting drums and guitars going all night, all the bands that played left an impression on Hollywood,

The bands on this bill proves that independent metal is still alive and well and that all it takes to support it is hard work and a dedicated fan base to match.

Post and photos by Matt Saunders (Facebook l Twitter l Instagram l Website)

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