Photos l Review: September Mourning’s Soul Collection in Rhode Island

September Mourning

Who: Summer 2018 Soul Collection: September MourningKaleidoCharcoal Tongue

Where: Fete Music Hall, Providence, Rhode Island

When: August 23, 2018

September Mourning is a trans-media project that was created by the vocalist of the band, Emily Lazar, and Wolverine creator Marc Silvestri. The world of September Mourning exists in the graphic novels and the band then brings the story to life onstage. The last time I saw September Mourning, they opened for Dope and Combichrist; they had a couple of tours fall through in the time since, so when they announced a headlining tour, I was really excited to see them headline.

Opener Charcoal Tongue was on first. The first thing that vocalist Christopher Mora did when he took the stage was to invite the audience to come right up to the stage; the audience obliged, and the set took off. Charcoal Tongue was energetic from the beginning and had an impressive stage presence. The band is still relatively new; their debut EP 24 Hours: My Deterioration released last year, but they will have a second EP coming out soon. The set was a mix between songs off the debut and the upcoming EP, but their sound leans toward the heavy; if you like getting into a good circle pit, this will be the perfect band for that. Charcoal Tongue was memorable in the best way and was my personal favorite of the night. I am sure I am will be seeing them back in the area soon but as the headliners.

I have been listening to Kaleido’s Experience on and off since it released last year but did not get an opportunity to see them live before this show. The band has toured quite a bit since the album released, opening for Seether, performing on Shiprocked Cruise, and doing a couple of dates of Warped Tour and it showed in their performance. Vocalist Christina Chriss made eye contact with every single fan in the room and was a lot of fun to watch on stage. The audience really enjoyed Kaleido’s set, and many of them knew the words to their songs. It was great to finally hear songs I have been listening to for a year live, especially “Little Miss Nice Bitch.” New track “My Enemy” – which was released that night at midnight – went over well. Overall, the audience seemed to really like Kaleido’s set the most of all the bands that night, queuing up at the merch table to buy items to have signed and taken pictures with the band. Kaleido had great stage presence and are definitely a fun band to catch live.

September Mourning sets up their world on stage by bringing props and lights. There is also a screen set up behind the band that shows the skills and plays the narration in the graphic novel. My favorite part of the setup was that – due to the L-shape of the small stage – the drummer ended up being put on the side of the stage, but right up front, instead of hidden in the back as usual; it made the show feel much more interactive and I hope to see more setups like this in future regardless of stage size. The songs performed came off Volume II – released in 2016 – and included “Angels to Dust,” their cover of “Stand By Me,” “Heart Can Hold,” and “Skin and Bones;” the songs all tied in with a specific part of the graphic novel. I am not the biggest graphic novel fan, but it was fun to see the story be narrated and have the theatricality of the act come to life on stage. September Mourning was able to hold the show as the headliners and were as fun as I remembered them being last time.

September Mourning’s summer soul collection at the Fete Music Hall in Rhode Island was a fun time with great bands.

Post and photos by Karen Shalev

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