New Single From Badflower – Fukboi

The Band Badflower

Badflower is no stranger to the rock music scene. Their emotional single “Ghost” put the band on the radar. They had even more success with their debut album “Ok, I’m Sick”. It quickly became known around the country. Now, Badflower’s anticipated sophomore album ‘This Is How The World Ends‘ is expected to release on September 24th, 2021.

Badflower has released a fair amount of songs off the upcoming album. On August 20th, they released the single ‘Fukboi‘, a song trolling on the oh so popular “fuck boys” we hear about nowadays. 

Fukboi begins with drums and guitar that matches straightforward lyrics being spoken by frontman Josh Katz. I knew almost instantly that ‘Fukboi’ would have a great build. The chorus begins and we hear all the reasons Badflower is loved by so many. They have great melodies, fun harmonies, and lyrics saying things we may think, but are too afraid to say out loud.

As the song continues, I am amazed at Badflower’s ability to keep listeners on their toes. You truly do not know what is coming next. You hear mini spurts of drum solos that take you by surprise. Kudos to drummer Anthony Sonetti. Badflower also jolts listeners with unexpected crescendos and decrescendos. And of course, more ridiculous lyrics that continue to reveal characteristics of a “Fuck Boy”. 

Towards the end of the song, the band’s energy is unmatchable. I can already picture Josh Katz playing guitar while sliding on the floor and screaming. He is so unapologetically himself and it is truly something special.

Overall, when breaking the song down, there wasn’t anything that blew my mind away. That being said, Badflower is continuing to prove to the world that they are here to stay. I think it says something about a band when they are able to take a joking concept like a “Fuck Boy” and turn it into a song with such an energetic, full sound.

Be sure to hear Badflower’s latest single off the upcoming album, ‘Johnny Wants To Fight‘.

See Badflower in a city near you! They will be headlining the ‘This Is How The World Ends‘ tour with Dead Poet Society and Teenage Wrist.

In the words of Badflower, “good luck fukboi, no one’s rooting for ya!”.

Post by Ali Nast 




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