Mother’s Day with The Story So Far

Walnut Creek, CA native band The Story So Far rocked a sold-out San Francisco show on Mother’s Day. The San Francisco show included: Torrance, CA band Joyce Manor, Berkeley, CA band Mom Jeans, and Atlanta, GA band Microwave. Unfortunately, I missed Microwave’s set and the beginning of Mom Jeans, but I was able to make it for the remainder of their performance.

Seeing Mom Jeans live is always such a great time. These guys definitely have phenomenal stage performance, engagement and a light set that really compliments their music. Seeing the crowd sway back and forth, mosh, mellow down and pick back up their energy within a matter of seconds was hilarious to see. Seeing their crowd in particular go from mellow to rowdy will always be fun to watch.

It was my first-time seeing Joyce Manor perform. A band I’m a big fan of was just incredible. Their crowd was consistently crowd surfing, moshing, shoving one another etc. and I was finding myself dodging security and crowd surfers left and right. During their set, someone needed assistance and they stopped their set immediately to make sure the person was okay along with having the crowd separate for Aide to get through effectively and safely. It’s refreshing seeing artists stopping what they’re doing to make sure everyone is safe especially knowing their crowd can get a little rowdy. Thank you, Joyce Manor!

Opening their set with Clairvoyant, The Story So Far has a dim, dark blue, floral light set and all I can hear is a sea of people singing so loud I can’t even hear lead singer, Parker Cannon. Of course, this mellow crowd didn’t last very long until “Keep This Up” plays immediately after. I haven’t missed a Story So Far show in about 5 years (with the exception of COVID) and it’s because they genuinely have such a chaotic crowd and I love it, it’s a thrill I simply cannot miss. Whenever The Story So Far plays a hometown Bay Area show, you can just feel the “welcome home” energy and it’s such a beautiful feeling to be in. Seeing a constantly smiling Parker, you know this hometown show means everything to them. The band wraps us their U.S. tour on Wednesday, May 11th and you just know for a fact that they gave all their energy into this show.

If you haven’t seen the bands above, you’re really missing out on such a rowdy crowd that has some of the nicest people you will come across. Every show that I have gone to, everyone makes sure they’re safe, water is provided, and that security staff and aide are always on standby in case help is needed. I genuinely love this band and can’t wait to see them again when they’re in town.

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