Meet Me @ The Altar Kicks Off The Second Half of Their First Headline Tour in Richmond

People flooded into Richmond Music Hall this Tuesday evening, more than ready to spend the night rocking out! This was the opening night of Meet Me @ The Altar‘s second half of their first ever headline tour, so the fan’s excitement was palpable as everyone was waiting to see the band kick off this exciting show!

Chloe Lilac opened up the concert with an electrifying performance! With so much energy coming from her, it took her no time at all to get the crowd loosened up and dancing along with her. The crowd especially loved her songs “how does your girlfriend feel about it” and “HERE’S YOUR SONG“, singing along with Chloe and jumping all over the place.

Continuing this all girl bill, it was time for Kid Sistr to hit the stage! A very fun, energetic trio, they immediately captured the hearts of everyone in the venue with their upbeat music and bubbly personalities. Halfway through their set they covered “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles, another all girl band that inspires them. The crowd loved the song choice itself, and the fun little dance moves the band busted out for the song. They encouraged everyone in the crowd to think back to their first ever concert, to get back to that feeling of awe as they experienced live music for the first time. And it worked! The audience jumped high and danced along with the band, especially at the end when Kid Sister performed their final song “X Tape“, which was a huge hit with everyone in the crowd!

And now it was time for the band everyone had been waiting for! Meet Me @ The Altar finally came out onstage to roaring cheers from their fans, and launched straight into “Say It (To My Face)“. Soon after, they played “Hit Like A Girl” and encouraged all the ladies to start a mosh pit, which they did! With their latest album only having been out for a couple months, all the fans in the crowd knew all the lyrics to the new songs by heart, and were visibly pumped to be hearing them performed live for the first time! They even did a cover medley, going through and covering each of the members favorite songs. The crowd favorite of that medley was for sure “Take Me Away” from the movie Freaky Friday.

At the end of the show, MM@TA prefaced their performance of “Garden” by telling the crowd it was the song that got them signed in the first place, which was met with lots of cheers. You could feel the admiration the audience held for the band, and what their success meant for a lot of people in that building. It was then that time of night, time for the final song of the show. While the fans were sad to see them go, everyone made sure to rock out extra hard to their hit song, “Kool“, which left everyone in the venue, fans and band included, on a high note as this concert was definitely one to remember!

Check out our photo gallery down below:

Be sure to check out Meet Me @ The Altar’s latest album ‘Past // Present // Future‘, Kid Sistr’s latest single “X Tape (Want to Want Me)“, and Chloe Lilac’s latest EP ‘you were good to me‘.

Post and photos by Taylor Pettitt (Twitter | Instagram | Website)

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