Mariana’s Trench talks playing in humidity, Canada Day, and more

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Concert Crap: You guys have been playing some pretty hot and humid dates across the country on the “SPF 80s” tour. What are some good and bad things about playing in the heat and humidity?

Mike Ayley: I love doing sweaty shows. It feels more “rock” and badass when you’re on stage sweating like that. It also helps to keep those vocal chords loose for singing. However, you can get very dehydrated if you have a bunch of those shows in a row. Also, those shows’ clothes get “retired” way sooner than originally budgeted. Haha. It’s hard enough to pack enough clothing for 40 days and 28 shows already.

CC: What is your favorite thing about summer as an adult, and what was your favorite thing as a kid?

MA: As a kid I loved how the days seemed to last forever and like summer would never end. As an adult, I really enjoy being able to be outside while exercising or swimming. Having a nice light summer tan feels nice too.

CC: Have you ever passed out due to heat exhaustion from being too hot while playing?

MA: I haven’t but I’ve had some pretty bad headaches the next day if I didn’t drink enough water. If it’s too level heat, you gotta put down at least 4L of water to keep up.

CC: Are people connecting more with your latest album Astoria, or more of your earlier material?

MA: People seem to be really responding well to Astoria and understand what we were going for with an 80s vibe. It’s so fun to hear everyone sing along to new songs!

CC: Which do you prefer to play?

MA: I like playing the newer music. It’s always fresh and inspired and usually more challenging as a player and singer. Keeps me on my toes.

CC: Did you guys do anything special for Independence Day or Canada Day?

MA: We were in Canada on July 1 and I went out with friends and had a blast wearing my red clothes with pride. It’s so nice to see patriotism like that everywhere you go!

CC: What else do you have planned for the second half of the year?

MA: We have a European tour coming up in Sept./Oct. and then should have a Canadian tour in November.

CC: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview?

MA: Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to wear your SPF 80s sunscreen!


All questions answered by bassist Mike Ayley.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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