LAYNE takes listeners to “The Black Hills”

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Los Angeles indie-pop rock transplant LAYNE is ready to take the world on with their new EP entitled The Black Hills.

Building off the dark, synthpop sound and image the collective have made a name from, Layne Putnam and company continue to go to the rabbit hole, so to speak, with this direction by incorporating more ambient textures and poetic lyrics.

“Topical” is the initial song off this release and sets the foundation of expectations for the rest of the release.  The song features subtle synthesizer parts paired with a warm sounding, delayed guitar lick that is reminiscent of bands along the line of The 1975, Bad Suns and The Neighbourhood.  Putnam’s voice is the glue that brings all these elements into order and harmony.

It’s also important to note that Putnam is not holding back on the lyrics for this release.  The lines “Don’t tempt me with a loaded gun. If you’re the righteous, I’m the bastard son,” really strikes a chord with the listener on the initial listen of this track.

“I think I met the devil. Her name is patience.”

Time and time again, Layne Putnam proves she has a way with words and this release is a good reminder of that.

A big factor that differentiates this release from her past work is that this album incorporates more electronic instrumentation.  Other than this factor, Putnam still stands true to her dark and mysterious roots that are ingrained in her image and music.

More than anything else, it’s pretty clear there is nothing superficial about LAYNE.  Putnam simply is expressing her honest and pure feeling through the music that she and her collective writes.

Overall, this EP is a solid release and and will grow on anyone who enjoys emotional depth in their music as well as those who have a preference for a variety of ambient textures.

For fans of: PVRIS, The 1975, LIGHTS

  1. Topical
  2. Twuh
  3. Boys Do
  4. You


Post by Matt Saunders

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