K.Flay Electrifies Los Angeles, Delivering a Supercharged Performance

Photo: Nikki Phillips

The City of Angels witnessed a remarkable night as alternative/indie/hip hop musician K. Flay (aka Kristine Flaherty) took the stage for a captivating concert that left fans in awe. With an energetic performance, a fantastic setlist, and a special guest appearance, K.Flay’s show at the iconic Wiltern in LA with Grandson was one for the books.

As the clock struck 8:00 PM, the lights dimmed, and the crowd erupted with excitement. The anticipation was palpable, and the fans had been eagerly awaiting this moment. K.Flay did not disappoint, instantly diving into her setlist with a burst of energy that electrified the entire venue.

Her 14-song setlist was a perfectly curated mix of some older, beloved gems and songs from her latest album, Inside Voices / Outside Voices — all showcasing her artistic growth and evolution. From the opening song to the closing encore, each track resonated with the audience and further fueled the already supercharged atmosphere. Some of the standout tracks included: “Weirdo,” “High Enough,” and “Giver” — which had the crowd singing along with passion and enthusiasm.

One of the most impressive aspects of the concert was K.Flay’s magnetic stage presence. She effortlessly commanded the attention of the audience, drawing them into her world with her raw and emotional performance all while she bounced around the stage. The dynamic connection she established with her fans was evident from the start, and it only grew stronger with each song. One would never know that she is actually deaf in one ear (she was recently diagnosed with sudden sensorineural hearing loss) with such a flawless and interactive performance.

K.Flay gifted us with an unforgettable night filled with vibrant energy, powerful performances and a sense of genuine camaraderie between the artist and her fans. The setlist catered to both old and new fans, while the guest appearance from Tom Morello (yes, for real) added a special surprise to an already outstanding show. This stop was second to last, closing out the tour with a bang. Check out her full setlist below as well as photos from the night:

“The President Has a Sex Tape”

“Four Letter Words”


“Black Wave”


“This Baby Don’t Cry”

“TGIF” (with Tom Morello)


“Blood in the Cut / Bulls on Parade”

“Maybe There’s a Way”


“Make Me Fade / Yes I’m Serious”

“Raw Raw”

“High Enough”

K.Flay – June 27, 2023 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips

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