Interview: Radio, Music, and Industry Icon Matt Pinfield Shoots on Latest Show, A&R, Rock Music, His Battle with Sobriety, Latest Podcast, and More

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Music Industry Legends, when you hear those words, Matt Pinfield, it’s safe to say that is a name on top of everyone’s list. With his on-air personality, keen ear for music, and just genuinely being an overall great person, there’s no wonder why he has stuck around for decades of music evolution, remaining an industry icon.  

Ali and Corey of Concert Crap were lucky enough to chat with the legend himself. It was such an honor to have him join us for this Concert Crap YouTube exclusive.

In this interview, Matt Pinfield talks about his current 95.5 KLOS show “New & Approved”, stories of his long history in the music business, his love for the city of Los Angeles, and SO much more! 

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Watch our interview with Matt Pinfield:


Listen to the audio version as Episode 018 of the Concert Crap Podcast HERE


Matt Pinfield with Carole King’s piano

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Post by Ali Nast

Interview by Ali Nast and Corey Kleinsasser




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