Interview: Lunarcode Talks Debut Song “Heartbreak”, Being Born Out of the Pandemic, the Los Angeles Music Scene, and More

Concert Crap: Who is Lunarcode?

Lunarcode: Lunarcode is a Los Angeles Alt Rock band with 3 members currently. Vincenzo Carubia (vocals/lyrics), Ronny Minuche (guitar/music composer), and Jason Booth (drums). Ronny handles the bass as well, and we use bass player fill-ins when needed for now. We all come from different backgrounds, with different inspirations, so our sound definitely has a wide mix of influences. The best way to describe our sound would be modern rock with a touch of nostalgia.

CC: How have you been evolving as a band and as individuals during the pandemic?

Lunarcode: We were born out of the pandemic. We as a band are all highly creative individuals and we all needed a way to stay inspired. At first it was just a jam session between friends who never jammed together, and then 2 hrs later we had the base for “Heartbreak” formed. Now we are endorsed, recording with well-known producers across the US, making music videos, it’s all very surreal! The pandemic has given us the time needed to form without constraints. All of us work jobs that were put on hold, so we had a lot of spare time on our hands to explore and get creative.

CC: Your debut song “Heartbreak” is out everywhere, including the music video for it. Can you talk about what the song is about?

Lunarcode: Dating in the age of social media and technology can be complicated. Heartbreak is the confusion of the heart and the battle of oneself in love. We think someone can just love away from our heartbreak and that the only cure for our broken heart rests in the hands of those who broke it, to begin with. In the music video, we have Jessica expressing the feelings of heartbreak and the cycles one goes through. She tries to ignore her heartbreak by fighting her feelings away, but in the end it only leaves her exhausted and back to square one.

CC: Obviously, this was just released, but when can we expect more music from Lunarcode? 

Lunarcode: Very soon! July to be exact! We are very excited to show the versatility of our music with our next single “Cuttin the Cord”. We already have 3 other songs mastered, and are going to record a few more in June, so be expecting a few single releases throughout 2021 and make sure to follow our journey.

CC: When can we see a full album?

Lunarcode: 2022, we have many songs in our arsenal waiting to be finished. As a brand new band, we are focusing on a few singles, for now, to draw up fans before we go all out with an album.

CC: You guys have Orange Amplifiers all over your socials. Can you talk about your partnership with them?

Lunarcode: Sure! Ronny has been an Orange endorsed artist for five years now. That means he has been hand-selected by the AR department at Orange in England to represent their brand. He has been in the industry a while now, and given his scope of work in several different music genres and countries, he fills the seat pretty well to represent a global brand. Orange Amps is all over our socials not only because we love the tone they offer, but we also want to show people we are a band the industry takes seriously. You never know if someone seeing that partnership on our socials will keep them around 10 seconds longer to actually click and listen to our song.

CC: I just recently interviewed the legendary Matt Pinfield, who said during our interview that the best rock music is coming out of Los Angeles. Being that you guys are from LA, can you justify that with your own music and others?

Lunarcode: LA is definitely the best place for rock in America. The saying goes, “West Coast is new money, and East Coast is old money.” LA just has more people willing to try new things and keep the scene alive. Specifically talking about the rock industry, a lot of the East Coast still holds on to Classic Rock, and it’s much harder to introduce modern rock to them. In NYC the rock scene plummeted fast a few years ago. The new rock bands there now have nowhere to play because all the rock clubs closed down! There are more opportunities on the west coast for keeping rock alive and getting exposure.

CC: Who would you like to play with on a tour when shows are back into full swing?

Lunarcode: We could fill a whole book up with that question! Muse, Royal Blood, Nothing but Thieves, The Struts, Nothing More, SOAD, K.Flay, Queens of the Stone Age, Grandson, Twelve Foot Ninja…should we keep going? Haha

CC: Why should people care about Lunarcode?

Lunarcode: We stand for something that’s been lacking lately in rock music. Music is about creating and feeling passion within ourselves. Our goal is to remind people rock isn’t dead, it’s very much alive. We want to wake people up! If we can get someone to stop what they are doing to really pay attention to the music, and then have them think about what the song means and how it makes them feel, then we have done our part. We want to bring all different types of people together. So far it’s working, we have people of all age groups and backgrounds liking and enjoying our music. We want to create music for everyone.

CC: Anything else you would like to say?

Lunarcode: Give new artists a chance! Listen to a few new artists a week, listen to a new playlist, take that 2 seconds to give them a follow on streaming or social platforms. Support each other, it doesn’t have to be a competition, there are billions of people in the world. There is an audience for everyone out there, don’t give up, we definitely won’t be.

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