Interview: Founding Fathers of Crabcore, Attack Attack! Gives Us a Piece of Their Mind on New Single “Brachyura Bombshell,” Future Plans and More

Attack Attack! is a metalcore band emanated from Columbus, Ohio debuting in 2007. After an eight-year hiatus, the guys are back with a fresh line-up and new music. I got to speak with Andrew Wetzel about social media, wrestling, and the future of Attack Attack! in this Concert Crap exclusive. The current lineup is Andrew Whiting, Cameron Perry, Andrew Wetzel, and Chris Parketny.

Concert Crap: Who is Attack Attack!?

ATTACK ATTACK!: In a literal sense or a metaphorical sense? Metaphorically we are a traveling trio of talented troubadours who desire only to rock.

CC: What inspired you to generate a new genre of rock and electronic-based music? 

AA: It’s just what we wanted to write. We have never cared much for structure or what we should or should not be doing or writing. Everything we do, we do because we want to. We want this band to be fun for us and for the people that listen to us.

CC: Let’s talk about Myspace. A huge chunk of your fan base discovered you guys on that social media site. Your music was basically on everyone’s playlist on their page. There is a song called, “What If I Can’t Check My Myspace When We Get There.”

How do you feel about the shift from Myspace to becoming a viral meme? What is your story behind “crabcore?”

AA: It’s great to see Attack Attack! continue to spread virally, even though technology and sharing online has changed so drastically. The crabcore title was originally supposed to be an insult towards us from some witty scenester and we loved it, so we branded it.

CC: Attack Attack! is known for quirky song titles. One of my favorites is called “The People’s Elbow.” As a wrestling fan, I am curious if it is a nod to The Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) signature move. Yes or no?

AA: It definitely is.

CC: If you had to choose a lineup, what are some bands/artists you would like to share the stage with? 

AA: Probably Rammstein, Eskimo Callboy, or BMTH.

CC: You guys put on a high-octane show and after listening to “Brachyura Bombshell”, I can’t help but imagine circle pits. Is there a possible future tour we can look forward to, yet? 

A: We are currently working on scheduling and planning for live appearances across North America.

CC: Is there an album in the works after releasing “Brachyura Bombshell?” 

AA: We have an EP that we are finishing up and hoping to have out before the end of this year.

CC: Anything you would like to share with Concert Crap?

AA: Keep your eyes peeled on our FB/IG – @attackattackus for updates on our upcoming EP and tour dates!

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