Interview: Flagship talks “The Electric Man” and coming back to Detroit


CC: Are you feeling a bit more at home in Detroit now that you’ll be back for the second time in as many months?
Michael: Yes! We love Detroit and are excited to get back!
CC: I’ve heard you getting more and more playtime on on SiriusXM over the last few months. How has that felt to have your music hit national airwaves?
Michael: It always feels nice to have your music played on a national level! Super exciting. 
CC: Lyrically the tone of the entire album hit home pretty hard for me. It feels like it was built on some loss, confusion surrounding it, and learning to just deal after it’s all said and done. The lines “The hardest part is giving up, I know it’s not our fault. I’m tripping and stumbling down, But you seem ok somehow” in “Mexican Jackpot” and the way “Faded” carries the theme with “And you cut me off. Yeah, you passed me by. You pissed me off.” Was that your intention?
Michael: You hit the nail on the head there!
CC: Speaking of which, what is your songwriting process and is it a group effort?
Michael: Songwriting for every song is different. It really just depends on the song. 
CC: What have been your biggest musical or non-musical influences between your self titled debut and The Electric Man?
Michael: The influences are different for both of us. Here are a few of them: Arcade Fire, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Phantogram.
CC: What’s been the most memorable moment, on or off stage, that’s happened on this summers tour?
Michael: Hmmm. All the shows kind of run together at this point! I can’t remember anything. 
CC: What else is in store for Flagship in 2017 after you finish this tour?
Michael: We’ll be playing a few random shows over the rest of the year, as well as writing and recording some new music. 
CC: Thank you for your time and for coming back to rock out in Detroit!

Post and interview by David Painter

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