Has Coachella reached its zenith of cool?

Photo courtesy of Justin Monteleone

Over the years Coachella has seen some major changes. From originally only lasting one day, the festival now extends into two weekends, and is looking like it will continue to grow.

But has Coachella already reached its zenith of cool? Weekend one tickets are primarily reserved for everyone who pre-ordered a festival pass. When you think about that for a moment, it makes you wonder just how cool Coachella still is.

When people are willing to spend at least $400 dollars for an event in which they have no idea who might be performing, it implies that the music is no longer the focal point of the festival. Now, Coachella has become a haven for cliché, flower-head banded kids to be able to say to their friends, “Yeah, I went to Coachella…. and it sucked.”

I’ll submit, there are those individuals who go because they truly want to see their favorite artists, but I can only give that to the weekend two crowd. Weekend one sells out on pre-sale, which means thousands of people bought tickets before they had any clue who was on the bill, and were pleasantly surprised to see a few acts they had heard of.

After the lineup was released for Coachella 2015, the internet community was buzzing with puzzled reactions over the seemingly irrelevant and random lineup that included AC/DC and Drake.

For the money, time and stress that goes into attending a festival, when it came to Coachella 2015, the pool parties were where it was at. For only $30 and a lightened commitment of just a few hours, Coachella’s pool parties far exceeded the actual festival in practicality and enjoyment. It was a place to see the act I was most excited for and not have to deal with horrendous lines and drunk bros who’ve been in the sun too long.

Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong, though. Maybe festivals have always been about the experience more than about who was playing. But if this were the case, more people would be going to much smaller festivals like Lightning in a Bottle or Symbiosis Gathering; festivals that are a fraction of the price and far less predictable.

In my opinion, this past Coachella was just a place for people to showcase their meticulously coordinated outfits and to unveil their pre-approved responses to hot-topic questions; making sure that they checked in at the right tents and criticized the artists that they knew their followers would expect them to dislike.

I know that hordes of people had a blast this year at Coachella and will have a blast next year, but for those folks out there who want not just a fun time, but great performances too, let’s hope that 2016’s lineup will come through where this year’s fell short.

This entire post was written by Sergio Taylor

What were your thoughts on Coachella this year? Comment below.

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