Feel Me Now: Unpacking the Inspirations Behind If Not For Me’s Latest Song

Chord Progression Podcast X If Not For Me
If Not For Me talking new music

Raise your hand if you have ever dealt with the repercussions of being in and around a toxic relationship.

We assume many of you just raised your hand. And we also assume many of you work through those emotions and those traumas with the help of music.

Our friends in the Pennsylvania metalcore band If Not For Me are back on the Chord Progression Podcast once again with a brand new song coming out on July 21st. In this episode, we dive into:

– If Not For Me signing with InVogue Records, and how their consistent commitment to quality music and live shows has the label fully investing in them.

– The brand-new song “Feel Me Now” and how it explores emerging from the ashes like a phoenix when you remove yourself from a toxic relationship.

– Using Tik Tok marketing to help push a song with deep meaning to success similar to “Dial Tone” by Catch Your Breath & “Just Pretend” by Bad Omens.

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