Chase Atlantic Melts LA at Their Final Show of the COLD NIGHTS Tour

Clinton Cave of Chase Atlantic (Photo: Nikki Phillips)

After a six-week run, Chase Atlantic closed out their COLD NIGHTS Tour in Los Angeles at YouTube Theater, marking the 24th and final show. Prior to doors, lines stretched around the venue, signaling a thrilling night ahead. The tour, produced by Live Nation, boasted extensive eye-catching visuals as well as blazing pyrotechnics that submerged the crowd deeper into the overall ambiance of the performance. With support from Xavier Mayne and Leah Kate, the night kicked off with big energy, leading to a highly anticipated appearance from the Australian icons themselves.

Hitting the stage to “Stranger Things,” the band had the entire crowd immediately engulfed. Accompanied by window shattering reception, the remainder of the set did not disappoint. They played a handful of tracks from both Beauty In Death and their self-titled album as well as others. The precision of lighting and visual effects were stunningly reflective of each track, which made the entire concert experience that much more alluring. The venue itself is set up perfectly — not a bad seat in the house. Rocketing pyrotechnics lit up the stage creating a fiery backdrop as the guys commanded the stage. Rows of their most dedicated fanbase absorbed every moment of the show, melting away in awe with each passing minute.

Lead vocalist Mitchel Cave led the pack combing the stage with rhythmic help from guitarist Christian Anthony and bassist Pat Wilde. Drummer Jesse Boyle posted up high and center, reigning over the stage as he delivered an indispensable backbeat from one song to the next. Clinton Cave played his traditional multi-faceted instrumental role which also included saxophone. The tracks that feature saxophone solos add such a polished yet amplified aspect to them that truly defines them in their own way. We praise Beauty In Death for its nostalgic sound that echoes some of Chase Atlantic’s earlier work. There is a sense of familiarity blended with a subtle progression that allows the songs to be reminiscent of the classic Chase sound, while incorporating some newer elements.

We encourage you to take a listen and keep your eyes pealed for the next time Chase Atlantic comes to your area. If you’re in Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain, you’re in luck! Check out where the band will be later this year by clicking here. If you missed the tour or just want to relive the moment, take a look at our photo gallery below!

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