Brand New Me vocalist talks inspiration and band formation

Brand New Me (from left to right) is: Denis Deyev, Vova Semyonov, Artyom Petukhov, Egor Dvinyaninov and Artyom Zackirov.

Brand New Me is a rock band out of Moscow, Russia.  They consist of Artyom Petukhov on vocals, Egor Dvinyaninov on drums, bassist Denis Deyev, and guitarists Vova Semyonov and Artyom Zackirov.

The band formed in 2008 when childhood friends Petukhov and Deyev wanted to make their own music.

“It was just me and Denis figuring out what we want to do before Vova came abroad in 2010,” said Petukhov.  “We wrote a bunch of songs and got some airplay on a local station.  That was it until Artyom Z joined two years later and we started working with John LeCompt and Phil Taylor.”

The name of the band has a very deep meaning.

“Brand New Me, the name, is about starting over, while still remembering your mistakes,”said Petukhov.  “[It is] building a better person, while looking back on your past.”

The band’s vocalist believes that they have a 90’s sound going on, but in a modern way.  They have many inspirations on how to fine tune their sound.

“There are several bands that we look up to the most, like: Finger Eleven, Project 86, Thousand Foot Krutch, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, Sinch, Hurt, Cold, Caroline’s Spine, [and] honestly I can go on and on,” said Petukhov.

Petukhov wants people to take away certain feelings when they listen to Brand New Me’s music.

“The songs on ‘Same Old Stories,’ released hopefully sometime soon, deal with a wide range of emotions,” said Petukhov.  “There’s pain, frustration, but also there’s the “getting over it” part.”

“I’d love for listeners to start questioning things, to dig deep into their problems, deeper than they might want to, and find the answers through it.  That is what I always loved experiencing while listening to a rock record.  I hope our music is capable of all of it too.”

The band has yet to hear a negative reaction to their music, including critics, and even famous musicians they have met throughout their career.  Everyone seems to be joining the Brand New Me bus.

“We hope to keep [the] momentum growing this year,” said Petukhov.

Live shows are important to any band, so what makes a Brand New Me show interesting?  Why, the basics of course.

“Connection between the band and the audience is very important,” said Petukhov.  “It’s always a challenge to keep the energy alive.  We are trying not to try too hard, you know, we keep it simple.  We go on stage to tell stories and play some music while we are at it, and it works well for us.”

The band would love to play with some of the artists they look up to.

“I would love to go on tour with Finger Eleven and Project 86,” said Petukhov.  “Really, we’d take any good tour and there are so many great bands out there.  I wish we could share the stage with all of them at some point.  We just want to get out there and make some new friends.”

Brand New Me already has things planned for the rest of this year.

“We have some acoustic shows booked this spring while we are still hard at work on ‘Same Old Stories,’” said Petukhov.  “There will be new Brand New Me music in 2015 for sure, so keep an eye out.”

Brand New Me’s debut album, “Same Old Stories” will be out very soon: featuring guest appearances from current and former members of Evanescence, Tantric, Living Sacrifice, We are the Fallen, Forty Foot Echo and Future Leaders of the World.

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