Album Review: Lamb Of God is back With a Vengeance in latest album “Omens”

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Seems like yesterday Lamb of God just dropped their self titled album. Now they’re back with their follow up album, Omens.

The track starts off with the 1st single “Nevermore”. This track is a roller-coaster. Starts off aggressive, has a short break, then kicks right back into full gear followed by a cool guitar solo while the drums are banging on. Randys’ vocals still sound aggressive with prominent screams.

Next up is “Vanishing”. While this track definitely has some heavy elements to it, I do not see Lamb Of God adding this one to their live set list. It’s a bit scattered within itself in the beginning then collectively organizes to a steady riff/melody. Randys’ vocals are still prominent here but he does not seem to be in full force on this one. Still a good listen regardless.

One of my favorites on this album is the 3rd track “To The Grave”. This track reminds me of older Lamb of God tracks, a bit of “Laid to Rest” mix with “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For”. This track makes it to my top 3 in this album. It has heavy riffs, gnarly vocals, and overall groove with aggression.

“Ditch” from the start is nasty and sick. This would start up a gnarly circle pit at a show. This is one of the heaviest songs on the album. I would personally want Lamb Of God to add this song into their live set list on any future tours. This track is pure aggression and a tornado of heavy hitting drums, sick guitar riffs.

Now we get to the title track “Omens”. This was the 2nd single off this album, and I am quite surprised it was not the 1st. This track is one of my personal favorites, it flows well, the chorus is catchy and can get the crowd/listeners chanting “OMENS!”. I have seen Lamb Of God on their recent Omens tour and they did this song justice live.

“Gomorrah” is the 6th track of this album, just past the halfway point. It is slower paced in compared to other tracks on this album. However, you still get Randy’s grit/scratchy screams and vocals throughout the song while the heavy hitting drums are slamming in the background. One of my favorite parts is when Randy is screaming “EVERYTHING IS DOOMED TO FAIL” as the song is about to enter a breakdown.

“Ill Designs” seems to be the descending part of this album, as in the come down. Though this one is not one of my favorites, it has the traditional Lamb Of God aggression behind it while feeling like we are about to come down from this roller-coaster high. Lamb Of God fans can still vibe to this one.

“Grayscale” to me is a bit of a confusing track. You do not know exactly where this song is heading to unless you hear it a couple of times. It starts off traditionally strong but the verses into the chorus seem scattered. I was surprised this was one of the recent singles for this album. I did enjoy some of the pinched harmonic nods on the guitar on this one though, especially on the chorus.

“Denial Mechanism” is fast paced from the start. Fast pounding drums, fast riffs which then lead to more vocal growls/screams throughout the song. This has more hints of older Lamb Of God (Even some early Burn the Priest inspirations behind it). It rips!

We get to the final track of the album “September Song”. This is where we get one last drop in the roller-coaster of the album this has become. This song will take you for a ride with fast chunky riffs, more growls/screams, and double bass heavy hitting drums for the duration of this song. This is a nice send off for this overall listening experience. Finally at the end of the song you are presented with a nasty breakdown with a chorus chanting “HEY! HEY! HEY!”, and with Randy screaming “SEPTEMBER” as the song has come to an end.

Omens overall reminds us that Lamb Of God continues to evolve while maintaining its core elements. This is a strong follow up to their self-titled album and an album that is here to stay. Omens will be available worldwide on October 7th, 2022. You can pre-order the physical formats of the album (Including Signed Copies) here.

Omens tracklist.

1. Nevermore
2. Vanishing
3. To The Grave
4. Ditch
5. Omens
6. Gomorrah
7. Ill Designs
8. Grayscale
9. Denial Mechanism
10. September Song

You may also pre-save and listen to the 3 current singles on all major streaming platforms here.

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