Album Review: Doyle II – “As We Die”

Doyle II - As We Die - Album Cover

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein shows exactly why we all know his name with his newest album As We Die from his own band Doyle. The legendary guitarist does not disappoint with the riffs on this album; they are fast, loud, almost creepy at times, and just what the music demands. “Dark Gods Arise” starts off with strong riffs that continue throughout the song. On top of the mind-bending guitar, the pounding drums are sinister and the bass is spine chilling. The combination of the guitar, bass, and drums results in the perfect cocktail of horror and music that you could ask for. “Kiss Me as We Die” is a solid album opener with great performances from every member of the band.

The vocals on this album range from menacing growls to full on sadistic singing; the transition from one to the other is effortless and seamless. There are times when the growls are at the forefront and times when the music is at the forefront, which gives a great balance throughout the album. “Witchcraft” has moments where the vocals are at the forefront which then recede to let the music shine through. “King of the Undead” has some of the most varied vocals in the album; it moves from singing to screaming to growling to something that doesn’t even sound like it could have been emitted by a human.

You couldn’t have asked for a better closing song for this album than “Night of Sin,” lucky number 13. The punishing pace of the song is a perfect way to tie everything together and keep you wanting more. The vocals on this song are as top-notch in this song as every other song As We Die. Doyle himself provides some of the best guitar work on the album right in this song.

Doyle has outdone all of his previous work with As We Die – out June 2. This is definitely one for the history books.

  1. Kiss Me as We Die
  2. Beast Like Me
  3. God of Flies
  4. Run for Your Life
  5. Darkside
  6. Witchcraft
  7. King of the Undead
  8. Virgin Sacrifice
  9. We Belong Dead
  10. Show No Mercy
  11. Dark Gods Arise
  12. Blood on the Axe
  13. Night of Sin

Post by Karen Shalev

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