Young Guns speak on new album, Warped Tour, and more

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CC: It was the one year anniversary of Ones and Zeros last week on June 8th. How has the last year been since the release of that? How has that album changed your lives?

Sometimes I’m still struck by how remarkable it is that I’m in a band that has released an album, let alone a handful like we have now. Ones and Zeroes proved to be a really transformative time for us and not all in entirely positive ways.

It took WAY longer to record and release than we meant to; we had to change producers, and then mixers, and by the time we released it we’d written some of those songs more than two years ago. We changed record labels, released it, toured it, and felt a little burnt out in some respects.

We had a line up change too, so it was a real time of change for us. I’m fond of it but it was, as much as anything else, a learning experience and helped to illuminate the process of this next album. We knew what we didn’t want to happen as much as what we DID want to happen. That has proved invaluable.

CC: Your song “Bulletproof” was just released. Can you talk about why you guys decided to release a new song and not just make another single or video for a song off of Ones and Zeros? I know you guys recently made a video for that as well, when can we expect that?

We consider that album cycle as being over. We have written and recorded a new album and as such we’re going to release a new single and look to the future. The video is being edited at the moment and will be out very soon! Echoes (album four) is where we are now.

CC: I know it’s a stand alone single for the moment, but will it eventually be released on another full length album or an EP in the coming future?

Yeah. Echoes will be released in September.

CC: I know you guys have been playing festivals like crazy the last few weeks in the UK (Camden Rocks, Fort Fest, Slam Dunk Fest). Which one was your favorite to play?

Probably Slam Dunk, as there’s just so many great bands playing, friends, bands we liked growing up, etc!

CC: You have a lot of US festivals announced (Sonic Boom, Open Air, and Rock Allegiance), which of those are you excited to play most?

All of them to be honest! It’s so great to be back out on the road with a new album in the bag. We’re just starting Warped Tour which goes through most of the summer and then the album will be released, so that’s exciting.

CC: How do you guys feel about playing the entire US Warped Tour this year?

We’re thrilled. We can’t wait. It’s been a tour we’ve wanted to be a part of since we were all kids. We’re just rehearsing right now in Texas to be ready for day one.

CC: What bands or artists are you excited to meet and see at Warped Tour?

Looking forward to seeing our friends in Tonight Alive, Yellowcard. Looking forward to meeting new bands and watching people like Every Time I Die and New Found Glory.

CC: Is there anything else you guys would like to say to your fans or anyone about anything at all?

Thank you for your support, please check out our new single “Bulletproof”, come see us on Warped Tour and pre-order our new album Echoes! Thanks.

All questions answered by lead singer Gustav Wood.


Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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