Vera Bloom Releases Sophomore EP It’s Me

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Music City may be known for being the country music capital of the world but don’t tell that to Vera Bloom. The Washington native may have been born in grunge country, but the now Nashville-based rock musician is making waves in the country music capital of the world.

Following up on her 2021 self-titled debut EP, Bloom is back with a new EP, It’s Me. The album was co-produced with Jeremy Ferguson and Jacob Carey. Leading up to the EP’s release Bloom shared the singles “Boxes“, “Say Goodbye“, “Serenity“, and “Mud“.

The EP leads off with “Eyes On You“. Speaking of the song Bloom says “‘Eyes On You’ is my dance song! It started out as a love song, which is something I don’t really write often, but it leans into the possessiveness of love. It visits the loss of excitement in a relationship where things get a bit settled in and mundane. I’ve noticed that I am afraid of this stage in a relationship, so I used this song to process that. Over time, the lyrics have revealed new meanings as they always do and I can find the loss of childhood innocence where even the touch of skin is fascinating, and acknowledging the demons and darker feelings we find in adulthood. And, lastly, as I grow as an artist, I can see my desire to be seen and heard. My admission of wanting eyes on me and owning up to that. I wanted the video to be interesting, colorful, and also shine some light on the real rock and roll happening in the music. It’s about energy and making vibes through sound with other humans. This song, as with all my songs, really comes to life in a live band setting. I hope you like it!”

Bloom’s musical influences range from classic rock to grunge to punk with the likes of Pink Floyd, Green Day, Pearl Jam and Joan Jett. She blends all these influences to create her own unique sound. Each song on the EP exhibits a different feel with a range of vibes. There is tight palm muting and aggressive punk style vocals on “Mud”. Whereas “It’s Me” is littered with ’70s style lead guitar fills.

It’s Me is the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of a new one,” shares Bloom. “I grew, I picked myself up in darker times, and I learned to love and embrace myself for who I am. These songs healed me when I needed healing and I hope the listener can find something for themselves, too!

Bloom shared the new EP with a release show at The Vinyl Lounge in Nashville on September 28th. This week she will be hitting the road for a few dates in Atlanta on October 10th, Memphis on October 12th, and Birmingham on October 13th. Information on the upcoming shows is available here.

Tour Dates

OCT 10 – Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA
OCT 12 – Hi-Tone Café – Memphis, TN
OCT 13 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL

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