Turning Trauma into Positive Karma & Learning To Love Yourself: Our Talk with Joey Arena of Ovtlier

Ovtlier X Chord Progression Podcast
Ovtlier and one of the most impactful conversations to date.

Dealing with your past trauma is always tough, but when you can work through it and learn to love yourself, incredible things can happen.

You can create positive karma in your life, build up great relationships in life and in business, and become a much happier person overall.

One of our favorite guests of all time, Joey Arena from Ovtlier, returns to the podcast for a 5th time, and for the best conversation we have had with him yet. In this episode, you will discover.

-How Joey focuses on building positive, quality relationships in life, music, and business for success.

-The meaning behind the new song “Heartless” and how it stems from an abusive relationship in Joey’s past.

-How Joey confronted his past trauma in life, from childhood and personal relationships, to learn to love himself and become a better person.

-The techniques Joey used to learn to love himself, let go of that past pain and trauma, and how we can use it ourselves to learn to love ourselves again.

This is one of our favorite and most impactful conversations of all time. So don’t miss out by going to our YouTube page and hitting that subscribe button to join our family.

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