Story of The Year Electrifies House of Blues: Page Avenue Anniversary Tour

Story of the Year performing at the House of Blues in Anaheim

Missouri based rock band Story of The Year cruised by the House of Blues in Anaheim for their twentieth anniversary tour of Page Avenue. The last-minute sold-out show filled up each spot on the floor with longtime, diehard fans and newcomers. I walked in through an easy-going line that separated parking and drop offs. At first you had to pay three bucks to park in the structure, which is inexpensive compared to many venues in Los Angeles then you go through security as per concert protocol.

Staff and security are less intense and like to have fun and smile, which is also refreshing to see. They bring good vibes as you walk into the venue with or without your ticket. There is a booth inside to pickup or purchase tickets, but you might get distracted and astray in the art of the place. There are two different ballrooms at this location of House of Blues. There is another line where they scan your ticket before you enter. When you enter, you get a glimpse of the scenery.

Screens are on walls by the bar and merchandise station so you don’t miss out on the show as you wait in line. V.I.P. is on the upper deck, general admission is below. The walls have skateboard decks mounted along the staircase next to a huge screen that displays the title of the headliner, “Story of The Year.” There are two entrances to the floor and what I have found is that fans favored the right side instead of the left. I met amazing fans that have shared their admiration of SOTY and singing along with the opening bands.

Youth Foundation rocked the house with throwback emo-skater sound like when Page Avenue first hit the scene. Four Year Strong was a crowd-pleaser as I had expected. They have delivered spectacular performances and can carry on a performance no matter where they are on the bill. They covered a punk classic, “Brain Stew” by Green Day, which was very diverting and hyped up the crowd even more than they already were. The house was loud yet attuned to their surroundings.

Story of The Year was finally out on stage at 9:33 PM. This is the moment we had all been waiting for. I’m one of these longtime fans and bought their first album when I was eleven years old. It was my first time watching them live and hearing Page Avenue in person. I was quite anxious at first, but I found comfort with those around me since we all shared similar memories of their music. Page Avenue is a staple in rock music and played a critical role in our teenage angst. Their lyrics made you feel seen during the time era. 

The crowd cheered as they played their opening tracks such as “Dive Right In” and “Conquer and Divide”. Page Avenue wasn’t played in order, they gave it a little mix-up which had mixed reviews from the audience. I felt the energy dying down. Dan joked about our age, getting older and being home before bedtime. It was also his birthday that evening. We all were young and grew together. He stated,” I made a deal with the devil and it’s my birthday.”

They performed one of their hits, “Anthem of Our Dying Day,” during which I saw fans crowd surf and have the time of their lives.  It was the song of the night. The singer reminisced and shared that he is “feeling pretty fucking cool right now.” “Falling Apart,” “Burning Years” and “Swallow the Knife” followed after, and the real party started. 

“Surprised motherfucker! Surprise birthday and tell happy birthday to Dan!” the band gleefully shouted out. The crew brought cake out and blew out candles. “It’s my birthday, it’s gonna get a little weird. I don’t know what flavor cake… White claw flavor cake. Remember our VHS bro!” They shared laughs of throwback memories. “Your birthday is almost dead, you’re almost dead” the guitarist jokes. 

They began “Sidewalks” but it was abruptly stopped for the singer to check on someone in the crowd to make sure they were okay. In this case, he gave up and said, “we know how the rest goes,” talking about the lyrics of ‘Sidewalks.’ I started seeing people leave outside either for a smoke or to leave. I certainly scooped out the patio area and saw deliberated fans getting tossed. During this time, I was chatting up with other fans and interviewed a few of them.

Interview #1

Concert Crap: How did you Story of the Year?

“Type of music 2000’s, grew up with it. Something about the band that drawn me to them. They learned how to teach me guitar.”

CC: What’s your song off the album?

“Can’t name one, ‘Until I Day, I Die,’ ‘In the Shadows,’ and ‘Dive Right In.'”

CC: What memory captured?

“Got me through tough time early . Got me through tough shit. 2003 was a fucked up year for me and here we are again. They were there for me.” -Steven

Interview #2

Concert Crap: When did you discover Page Avenue?

“Single first then discovered their album is the first time was with in love with a girl and ‘Until The Day, I Die” bled into that for three years until I grew older and wiser. Just a kid, skating with friends, loved it and got the album. Thought ‘Until The Day I Die’ was the hit, I got the album and it was the shit.”

“Heard the single and it was an escape to reality. It was bullshit and used it as an escape. Their music got me through. Something else I haven’t heard and made for my age. Music for that era. ‘Anthem of the Dying’ day blew up, on television (MTV) everywhere. It helped through a breakthrough area. These fools are different. They just don’t have a few songs, it’s the whole album. Let’s wait til next album.” -Joseph H.

Final Interview

Spotlight interview of the night has to go to Jill and her toddler son, Jameson. Three generations of SOTY fans from grandmother to grandchildren.

Concert Crap: How many concerts has Jameson attended?

“6-7th concert. Love the food, dancing and music”

CC: When did you discovered Story of The Year?

“20 years ago when Page Avenue came out. Mom introduced it to her at the age of 8.”

“Jameson’s first concert was Ohio for lovers, went to 3 shows in different states.”

CC: What music Jameson likes?

“Alt rock and country.”

CC: Experience so far at the show?

“It’s been good but chaotic with a kid. It’s fun with a lot of good energy.” – Jill and Jameson

I went back in for their finale. The band discussed their influences then the band alerted us, “almost done so your old asses can get to bed now.” They covered their friends’ songs such as “Ocean Avenue”, “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)”, “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”, and “The Taste of Ink” ending with their single, “Until the Day I Die.” I was impressed by how spot on the audience was while singing the lyrics. It ended on a good note, overall. It was an experience to remember.

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