Steve Aoki Delivers A ‘Sweet’ and Star-studded Set to Los Angeles

Photo: Nikki Phillips

International superstar DJ Steve Aoki made a grand homecoming to where it all started for him: Los Angeles. The musical mastermind has gained traction all around the world through DJing, fashion as well as launching his own record label and lifestyle brand (Dim Mak, est. 1996) — though the core of his career has been based and nurtured in LA. Steve brought his HiROQUEST: Genesis Tour to The Shrine in downtown LA as part of a 12-date run titled from his newest studio album.

With an array of extensive visual effects including confetti, streamers, cryo, pyro and grounded fireworks, Steve’s show was truly an immersive experience. The venue was filled with glow apparel and lights of radiant hues. Most of the crowd seemed to be seasoned EDM goers — but for the casual fan who regularly doesn’t drop in (like myself), the night felt like an alternate reality where anyone could let go and forget about life as they currently know it. There was a sense of unity and friendship between complete strangers that spread a genuine welcoming feeling.

The most distinguishable part of a Steve Aoki show is without a doubt the caking of the crowd. For those unfamiliar with this ritual, it is exactly as it sounds — Steve brings out sheet cakes and throws them into the crowd. Many hopefuls come equipped with signs and attire begging to be caked. As the years passed and shows grew, the amount of cakes thrown also followed suit. There were at least twenty cakes at the show — every single launch was filled with pure joy. (Don’t miss the photo gallery below for some great cake moments!)

Steve is known for collaborating with artists of all walks, so it was no surprise when a handful of special guests emerged one after another to perform bits of their singles as Steve kept the tables turning. Some of the artists included Grandson, Haley Kiyoko, Moxie and more. TikTok personality and singer Dixie D’amelio also made an exciting appearance before getting caked by Steve.

You can dance your heart out (and maybe get caked) at any of Steve’s upcoming shows by clicking here. He regularly holds it down across Las Vegas all year long at his current residencies: Omnia, Wet Republic, and Hakkasan. Next time you’re planning a trip to Sin City, don’t forget to add a Steve Aoki set to your list of things to do! Until then, check out our photo gallery from a tasty night:

Photos and post by Nikki Phillips

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