Seeker discusses their best part of summer, “Loss”, and more


Concert Crap: What was the best part of your summer?

Bryce Lucien: The two weeks that we spent in Oakland recording were great. We love it out there and it just felt really good to get the record finished.

CC: Your new release Loss is out October 14. What can everyone expect when listening to it?

BL: The heaviest, fastest, most raw, and most honest music that we’ve ever done. This is the album that we needed to do. It’s way different from anything we’ve ever done, but it’s the album that we’ve always wanted to do. We finally let ourselves remove all constraints that we’d placed on our sound, and just go for it.

We weren’t concerned with “Oh, we’re this sort of band so we have to do this” or “We have to put this breakdown here to give people a break” at all. Fuck that. We wanted a record that sounded exactly like how we felt.

CC: What does the album title Loss signify?

BL: The death of the person that I loved the most. There’s a lot more to it, but I’m not gonna go into detail about that. This album is for her and the guys and that’s it. It’s extremely personal.

CC: Can you talk about the album cover?

BL: We wanted an album cover that would reflect the emotional state that we were all in when we wrote the album. Things were bleak. We were still reeling from everything that happened over the last couple of years and all of our lives were totally fucked. This band is pretty much all we had.

CC: You guys will be supporting Malevolent Creation as part of their 25 year anniversary tour in October. Is there a specific venue or city you’re excited to play more than others?

BL: Well, we were really excited to support Malevolent Creation since we’ve loved them and Incantation since they were kids, but after 30 years together Malevolent decided to break up two weeks before our tour with them.

Luckily our friends in The Last Ten Seconds of Life continue to be the best dudes in the world and added us to their tour that they have going on at the same time.

We really love Reno, Atlanta, Denver, Austin, Phoenix, Brooklyn, Tampa…There’s a ton of them.

CC: What does the rest of 2016 have in store for Seeker?

We do 10/15-10/20 with Last Ten, then we play South By So What in Dallas and Texas Independence Fest in Austin. After that we head back out from 11/5 – 11/13 with Last Ten again. Then we’re heading out on our own thing from December 1 – 17. Looking forward to getting into what we have planned for next year.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone reading this interview?

BL: To anyone who has stuck with us for the last five years, Thanks. It means a lot.

Loss comes out 10.14.

All questions answered by vocalist and guitarist Bryce Lucien.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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