Review: Crossing i’s Dotting t’s debut their EP

In a small venue called The Locker Room in Garden Grove, California, newcomer band Crossing i’s Dotting t’s played to a young and energetic crowd on Jan. 15. Crossing i’s Dotting t’s finally celebrated the release of their self titled debut EP via Riot Records that was released in August of last year. 

It should go without saying why there was a delay in the concert happening and the band expressed their gratitude to the audience for coming out. 

If you haven’t checked out this band yet, read our EP review here. 

Crossing i’s Dotting t’s has a way of creating music that sounds familiar. Although they’re a fairly new band their music is comforting to those who were into this sub-genre years ago. The vocals are raw and cut right through you but they’re lyrically warm and the melodies flow together harmoniously. Their formula translates really well on-stage which can sometimes be tricky, but the quartet has it figured out.

Crossing I’s Dotting T’s have a grungy pop-emo sound that fits perfectly into the music library of your i-Pod touch from 2009. The audience further proved that there’s a want for music like this again. And for some, this is introducing a new genre to them.

Despite a few moments of feedback from mics the band sounded well rehearsed and truly performed for their audience. They played like they’d been playing together for decades, despite their drummer, Luke Caro, recently joining the band which they announced on Instagram on Jan. 4. 

Towards the end of their set a few audience members shouted for frontman Matt Mucerino to take off his shirt, which he did, along with lead guitarist Soren Crisell and bassist Oli Humbucker who was already shirtless. Did I mention it was super hot in there? 

In addition to the four song EP being played, the band played a new song of theirs titled “San Francisco.” The song sounded perfectly on brand with their sound. Emo lyrics and all.

The quartet has a lot of energy and overall stage presence. Mucerino invited everyone to come closer to the stage and more than a few times there was some light moshing. The crowd was clearly stoked about the show. 

The air was thick and you could feel the bass reverberating against the walls of The Locker Room. It was definitely an exciting performance. 

Maybe in another 30 years there will be a resurgence of the When We Were Young festival or Vans Warped Tour and you can catch Crossing I’s Dotting T’s on stage yet again. But for now, follow them on tour and check out their socials.

Their West Coast tour starts on February 17 at the Continental Room in Fullerton, Ca. They’ll be joining the stage once more with Fencer and Broken Baby.

Post by Gigi Gradillas

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