Real Friends’ third studio album, “Composure” Reminds You To Love Yourself

Real Friends are ready to release their third studio album, ‘Composure’ on July 13 through Fearless Records. The album is composed of 10 tracks, and four of which have already been released through Spotify and YouTube: “From The Outside”, “Smiling On The Surface”, “Get By”, and “Unconditional Love”. ‘Composure’ depicts the pain of mental health and how it can impact one’s life significantly.

“Me First” –

I’m at best your second option, like a key under the mat. Why don’t you put me first for once and spare me the bad news? The record starts off with, “Me First”, The verse and chorus concludes the main message of the song – Miscommunication and bad relationships. This is one of my top three favorites 1/3

“Stand Steady” –

The second track of the record, “Stand Steady” is more of an uplifting melody, reminiscing on the years of trying to stand strong. Watch me try to stand steady, like a flame in the pouring rain. Looking back on my youth it’s good that I grew. Watch me try to stand steady, like a bird in a hurricane. This is 2/3 of my favorites.

“From The Outside” –

Redefine rock bottom with these empty orange bottles. Never felt so paralyzed before. We’re all looking for some answers with the hangman’s broken lantern. The third song off the record and one most people have heard of already! We all try to be composed on the outside even when life throws a curve ball at us. We hopelessly go around in circles trying to find the “right” answers, but instead, it takes us into a downward spiral. Watch the video below

“Get By” –

Now jumping to track eight, “Get By”, which is 3/3 of my favorites. I instantly got hooked to this song when I first listened to it. As the chorus goes, You’ll get by, while I get better. Don’t hold on because I’ll hold you back. When there’s hope in what I say you always turn away. The song reminds you that you will get better, and better off than the other! (Hell yeah!!)

“Rip Cord” –

Time revealed what’s underneath your skin. You only cared when the floor caved in….You pulled me like a ripcord. Ignored.  Track nine off the record, time will show all things.


Even though ‘Composure’ portrays negative feelings in tough situations, listening to the record brings a small feeling of joy because it reminds you that you are not alone, and to love yourself a little bit more.

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Review by Taleen Bedikian

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