Photos | Review: Yoke Lore in Portland, Oregon

Who: Yoke Lore

Where: Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon

When: October 11, 2019

Yoke Lore brought their tour to a devoted and loving Portland crowd. Set in the beautifully intimate Doug Fir Lounge, the love between the artist and audience was felt.

Close to the end of his set Adrian Galvin, the mind and man behind Yoke Lore, talked about a book by his favorite author Tom Robbins.  He talked about how his favorite novel, Still Life With Woodpecker, had a recurring question that was never answered. It bothered Galvin, but inspired him and made him see the bigger picture. He wanted to do the same with a song he only plays live, with the recurring question “how can you make love stay?” Galvin also mentions that many of his songs are inspired by the books he reads.

This is what separates and makes Yoke Lore unique as an artist. This is why he is so adored by his audience. He takes these big picture ideas and concepts, and is able to translate them into his own work. His music tells a story, whether it’s heartbreaking or uplifting it’s a story that speaks and resonates with his fans.

Galvin puts everything he has into his work, whether it be the lyrics or songs themselves, or his high energy live show. He takes the time between songs to share the crowd his mindset behind his music, and connect with them all personally. His music and presence shows a lot of potential, and it will be exciting to watch where Yoke Lore takes his music.

For more information on Yoke Lore, visit his website.

Post by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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