Photos | Review: MISSIO and Yungblud Rock the Hell Out of St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, Michigan

Who: Yungblud, MISSIO, The Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club Tour

Where: St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, Michigan

When: October 5, 2019

What a trip the Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club Tour is. MISSIO, who headlined their own Rad Drugz Tour earlier this Spring, took to the road again, this time hitting the stage before everyone’s favorite UK punk-rocker, Yungblud!

MISSIO has had a ton of success lately with “I See You” having charted at #1 on AltNation’s Alt18 for literal months. But that’s one for the end of the set, that was something completely different. The lights dim, the stage goes dark, the beat starts, lead singer Matthew Brue’s vocals just a second later. The sound of “Twisted” fitting the look of the stage, dark and brooding, haze from the smoke machines only lasts a few more seconds before the lights begin to flash and the building was shaking. MISSIOs perfected the, when needed, blend of rock, hip-hop, and electronica which is a sound that makes for a loud, loud room and you can where you can feel the energy. It’s a sound and feel that calls back to the days of Detroit’s distinct techno and rave culture of the 90’s. It only adds to the entire feel of the night. That it is going to rock!

MISSIO slows things down a bit with “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” mid-set. This is yet another song that saw a lengthy time on the Alt18 in two years earlier. The beat picks again with “Everybody Gets High” but sadly almost as quickly as it began MISSIO was closing their set out with “Middle Fingers,” the first song that really helped to put Matthew and David on the map.

Post and photos by David Painter

Did you attend this tour? Comment below.


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