Photos | Review: Matt and Kim Celebrate in a Grand Way at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan

Who: Matt and Kim, Grand 10 Year Anniversary Tour

Where: Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, Michigan

When: October 21, 2019

Saying that Matt and Kim put on one of the most fun concerts might be an understatement. And with the electro-pop-punk duo on the road to celebrate Grand turning 10 it seems like they may have turned everything else to 11. Throughout the entire set you never you know you could expect to see sex toys, flashing, and blow-up dolls floating around the crowd. But you should have known that when you bought a ticket, they even have a warning on their website blaming Kim’s language for the reason it’s not an all ages show.

Matt and Kim are celebrating Grand by playing the album in it’s entirety from start to finish. “Daylight” was the first track off the album and exactly where the show started. Everyone in the room knew the song, hell, everyone knew every song that was played tonight, but from the minute the kick drum started the crowd never stopped. The duo would take breaks after every few songs to talk to the audience, to have a good laugh, or to share a homemade video going back into their early home recording days.

Throughout the If it weren’t for the brace on Kim’s knee, she tore her ACL on their last tour, you would have no idea she had even had an injury. The amount of energy that both Matt and Kim share is nothing short of incredible. Throughout the hour plus that it took to play all of Grand it was like neither of them ever stopped moving.

There was a little intermission before the second half of the set which Matt and Kim kicked off with “Hey Now” and “Get It” all the while keeping the previously mentioned antics as part of the show. The Brooklyn duo closed out the night with another banger in Let’s Go.” As the confetti fell to the ground Matt and Kim waved to the crowd before the real life couple embraced in a hug and a kiss on stage as they walked off.

Matt and Kim put on an absolute riot of a show that also shows off just how high energy the two of them are in front of a live audience. Their sound is louder, the bass hits harder, and overall makes the songs you’ve loved for over a decade feel more raw. Just like the entire Grand 10 Year Anniversary Tour!

Post and photos by David Painter

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