Photos / Review: Lights and Chase Atlantic rock The Glass House in Pomona, California

Who: Lights, Chase Atlantic, DCF

Where: The Glass House Concert Hall, Pomona, California

When: February 10, 2018

On February 10th, 2018 Lights made a stop at The Glass House in Pomona, CA. The tour, which was officially called the We Were Here tour featured openers Chase Atlantic and DCF.

Toronto based rapper DCF took the stage first and pumped the crowd up for Chase Atlantic, who performed second.

Toronto Based Artist, Lights, Plays Pomona for the First Time in 8 Years

Lights took the stage in front of a black screen which quickly transformed into a colored screen, giving her a silhouetted look as she sang. Starting off the night with “New Fears” from her latest release Skin & Earth. A little later on something funny happened, a crew member brought Lights a pizza box on stage as if someone had ordered her pizza. At this point, most were expecting her to pull out a piece of nice and warm pizza. Instead, we were treated to the opening notes of her synth-fueled hit “Up We Go”.

After that, the stage darkened and crew members walked out to a table with candles on it and placed it on stage. Lights went over with an acoustic guitar and sat down next to it. Everything was slowed down for the next three songs, starting with “Banner”. Once that ended, Lights said she was going to throw it way back to a song called “Face Up”. This is a pretty emotional song with some dark lyrics but also encouraging ones as well. Everyone in the audience quietly sang along and really enjoyed hearing the deep cut. Ending the acoustic session for the night was “Muscle Memory”. Lights was not only able to show off the power in her voice during this song but also get the audience to show off their singing abilities as well.

Lights Keeps Audience on Their Toes With Full Band and Acoustic Renditions of Her Songs

If you haven’t been keeping up with what Lights has been doing lately then you are a bit behind. Not only did she release a new album but she also wrote an accompanying six-issue comic in English and four other languages. She was able to integrate scenes from her comic into her live show by putting them on the backing screen during songs. Seeing those scenes during the show on the screen made the comic come alive.

Lights jumped right into “Skydiving” after the acoustic set bringing everyone’s energy level back up to one hundred. As the end of the set approached, Lights said her goodbyes and ended on the closing track from Skin & Earth titled “Almost Had Me”. Of course, she didn’t stay off the stage for long as the crowd started chanting her name over and over again. She and her band jumped back on the stage for the encore, ending the show on a high note with “Giants”. Not only did this song sound amazing but it just makes you feel good and that’s how you should feel after seeing someone like Lights

Photos by Matt Saunders (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Website)

Review by Madeline Cronin

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