Photos | Review: Jeremy Zucker in Portland, Oregon

Jeremy Zucker

Who: Jeremy Zucker (Fall 2018 Tour)

Where: Hawthorne Theater, Portland, Oregon

When: October 9, 2018

Jeremy Zucker performed in Portland, Oregon, on October 9 for the second time ever in his career. The last time he performed in the city, he was opening the tour for someone else. This time around he’s touring the country for his own headline tour and sold out Portland’s Hawthorne Theater. In fact, Zucker had sold out every stop along his fall 2018 tour.

Jeremy Zucker is a self-made 21-year-old indie-pop singer, songwriter, and producer. First writing songs back in 2015 from his bedroom, and now thanks to tracks such as ‘Bout It,’ he’s built himself a devoted fan base and is now headlining his own tours. Fans made sure to line up early to secure a spot as close to the stage, and continued to pack the front area of the venue as tight and near to where Zucker would stand as possible. Throughout the show fans shrieked, danced, sang along and new every single lyric to every song performed, and chanted “Jeremy” multiple times between songs and prior to the encore. The Portland crowd welcomed Zucker and made sure his first time headlining the city was a special and memorable night.

Though he’s still in the early stages of his career, Jeremy Zucker shows a high level of comfort and confidence while performing on stage. It’s like a skill professional players learn in online casinos. He carries with him a natural charisma and already appears to have mastered his on-stage fan interactions. Multiple times he would step down from the stage and onto the barrier, to provide an intimate up-close experience with the fans in front. One special person had the opportunity to hold the microphone for Jeremy, while he stood on the barricade while playing his guitar and performing.

The talent and potential Jeremy Zucker shows is undeniable. He has an incredible voice and range and has the ability to play and switch between multiple instruments throughout his set. His lyrics are simple and catchy, with hooks and verses that latch on to the listener until they find themselves singing along. With an open heart and lyrics that speak to any listener, the charm and on-stage charisma and all the musical talent he possesses – it’s no wonder Jeremy Zucker has become so popular so quickly. Zucker is destined for greatness, and though he just released his latest EP summer, fans can’t wait to wonder what he’s got planned next.

For more information on Jeremy Zucker, including upcoming tour dates, visit his website.

Post and photos by Joe Hernandez (Instagram l Website)

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