Photos / Review: Architects rock Worcester, Massachusetts

Who: “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” Tour; Architects, Make Them Suffer, Stray From The Path

Where: The Palladium, Worcester, Massachusetts

When: April 2nd, 2017

It was a night of the best of Metalcore at the Worcester Palladium on April 2, 2017, when the “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us” Tour arrived with headliners Architects and support from Stray from the Path and Make Them Suffer.

Make Them Suffer was the first band up. The Australian band came out with so much force that the audience started moshing the second they heard the music. The level of pandemonium in the pit didn’t even start at a 0 – it started at something around a 4 or 5 and went up from there. Make Them Suffer were a good, strong band. They got circle pits going a few times, some crowdsurfing, and a good amount of moshing. Frontman Sean Harmanis was great at pumping up the crowd to the point that it didn’t even feel like they were a support band; the only reason you knew they were not the headliners was because of the amount of people who hadn’t yet shown up. Several people in the audience were fans of the band already and plenty more left as new fans. Their short set almost left you feeling as if the house lights were turned on in the middle of the show and everyone was told to go home, because by the end of their set everyone was enjoying themselves.


Stray from the Path was up next. They managed to get the pandemonium level up to about an 8 or a 9 during their set. They were electric, energetic, and pure fun. The New York-based band were extremely charismatic and their frontman, Drew York, was one of the most energetic frontmen I have ever seen live. He took a dive into the audience to crowd surf towards the end of their set. At one point, about halfway through their set, he asked the audience who wanted to be in a music video. Of course everyone did, so he continued that he needed 50 crowd surfers, a request which the audience (who was already there to have fun) had no problem with as they proceeded to mob the security guards with crowd surfer after crowd surfer. To the band’s great credit, they took a minute to thank the venue for always treating them and the audience properly (this was not Stray from the Path’s first time in Worcester). Nobody was happy to see them finish their set; many people wanted them back on stage to continue playing, but it was the headliner’s turn to get on.


The anticipation in the audience for Architects to get on stage was insane. People were already crowdsurfing before the band even got on stage. Cries of “Ar-chi-tects” were ringing throughout the venue as soon as the previous band got off. When the band finally did get on stage, the audience went absolutely crazy and pandemonium reached level 11. Architects showed us exactly why they were the headlining band. They were loud, dynamic, and pure fun. The audience standing all the way in the back of the venue felt it just as much as the people in the pit right on the barricade did. Their set was full of audience favorites and frontman Sam Carter of the British band took several opportunities throughout the night to thank the fans for showing up and supporting them. Finally, after about an hour of playing, the band got off stage, which the audience was not having. Everyone started chanting “one more song,” although a guy behind me was chanting “two more songs.” Apparently, the guy behind me was right, as they came out and performed two more songs. Before performing their final song, the band took a moment to dedicate the song and their entire performance to Tom Searle, their guitarist who passed away over the summer after a battle with cancer. The band and the entire audience were moved, which added a special element to the final song which the rest of the performance did not have. After those final two songs, the band really did complete their show and went off stage, and the audience left feeling they had seen the best show of their lives.

My favorite part of the entire show, though, was an Architects crew member sidestage who was headbanging more viciously than anyone else in the venue. I don’t know who you are, but you, sir, made my night.

Make Them Suffer, Stray from the Path, and Architects all performed excellently, with the intensity level rising throughout the night. It was a great lineup and an impeccable show.


Photos by Kelsey Lockhart

Review by Karen Shalev

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